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What Led to Jason Mattison’s Brutal Murder? … Judge Says Due Process Trumps DOMA

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→ Jason Mattison Jr., a gay 15-year-old Baltimore sophomore, found dead in his aunt’s home, “raped, gagged with a pillowcase, stabbed repeatedly in the head and throat, and shoved into an upstairs closet.” His death leaves a family in mourning, and asking endless questions.

→ DOMA isn’t enough to let the federal government off in granting spousal benefits for Brad Levenson and Tony Sears, who married in California before Prop 8, declares a judge, which ordered the government to pay up on the cost difference in insuring the plaintiff’s partner independently.

Live-tweeting of today’s mark-up of the Domestic Partnership Benefits and Obligations Act.

→ Silvano Orsi, who says gay UAE Sheikh Falah al-Nahyan assaulted him in a hotel in 2003, is continuing his legal battle after Swiss courts acquitted his alleged attacker. Orsi is headed to the European Court of Human Rights because of the “cover up.”


→ No surprise here: Twilight‘s big draw are the massive, bulging chests … of the men.

→ Which explains why a naked Kellan Lutz entertained an eager male fan in a spa.

GLAD files suit to keep Arizona’s state employees with domestic partnership benefits.

→ HRC wants to make sure you called your rep today re: ENDA.