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What Made David Letterman Uses Naughty Words With Rachel Maddow?

It took Rachel Maddow a second to catch on, but once she knew David Letterman was going off on Andrew Breitbart — archnemesis of Shirley Sherrod — she knew where this would end up: going after Fox News and its “scary black people” ratings gimmick. “Scaring white people is good politics on the conservative side of the spectrum,” says Maddow. “And it always has been.”

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  • MrEguy

    I adore Rachel Maddow.

  • Jack

    ‘What Made David Letterman Uses Naughty Words With Rachel Maddow?’


  • unclemike

    @Jack: Watch the vid, he uses a naughty word.

  • alan brickman

    did David write off his sex with employees on his tax return?…well?…

  • Geoff M

    More unsettling was the audiences reaction when she called FOX a slimeball. Good gawd…..the evidence of THEIR agenda is out there and just plain obvious…why do people give them any crediblity or viewership?

  • Scot

    I love it when these two get together. They’re so good in each other’s compcmy.

  • Jack

    @alan brickman: I was questioning the typo, not the content of the clip…

  • Jack

    @Jack: (that was directed @unclemike, not @alan brickman!)

  • jeffree

    @Jack: Sarah Nigel has apparently no real journalistics trainings so spelling and editings are not priorities for her: she’s a supah-snarky- blogger though with only five errors spelling subjects’ names in three days and only three grammatical mistakes! [Don’t sweat it Sara Nygel, I’m learning disabbbbbbled too! Except I got helps!]

    @ Sarah: try to check out Google before you attempt to spell proper names! Best of luck to you, certainly! Trusts me, when you hit eleventh grade, it’s going to get even more difficult to pass mustard!

    —Kidding aside, you really need some assistance.

    Ask your special teacher how to check names on the internet! Very helpful. Nygel Lithgow will thanks you for your corporations. Vaugn Walker may even sends you a thanks you card.

  • OrchidIslander

    @alan brickman: Error on my part, I gave your comment a thumbs up by mistake.

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