What Made Joe Solmonese Teary at the DADT Hearing? Defense Secretary Robert Gates


SOUNDBITES — “There was symbolism today as well that did not go unnoticed. This was also President Bush’s former Secretary of Defense — the President who brought us the illogical, unnecessary and hurtful Federal Marriage Amendment fight. That it would be this Secretary of Defense who would deliver this message to Congress was particularly remarkable to those of us who still wear the scars of that pitched battle. … It’s important to note that Secretary Gates made another important statement today. He reminded the panel that it is ultimately up to Congress to rescind this law. And that’s exactly what the President and Congress must do forthwith: move forward with legislative repeal to give the Pentagon the full authority to close the books on this stain of discrimination. In the end, we’re confident the military will find what every other study has found over these nearly two decades: that there is growing support for repealing the ban on serving openly both within and outside the military, and that many countries have opened up their service and found no resulting performance issues.” —HRC president Joe Solmonese on today’s DADT hearings (via)

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