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What Maggie Gallagher Doesn’t Understand About Prop 8 and America’s Founding Fathers

The ‘trial’ in San Francisco in the Perry v. Schwarzenegger case is a unique, and disturbing, episode in American jurisprudence. Here we have an openly gay (according to the San Francisco Chronicle) federal judge substituting his views for those of the American people and of our Founding Fathers who I promise you would be shocked by courts that imagine they have the right to put gay marriage in our Constitution. We call on the Supreme Court and Congress to protect the people’s right to vote for marriage.

—Maggie Gallagher, chairman of the National Organization for Marriage, in a statement following yesterday’s Prop 8 decision. But:

Well, yes — the founders would’ve been shocked, because the decision was based in part on the 14th Amendment, which the founders had nothing to do with, because they owned people as property.

Salon‘s Alex Pareene, putting things in context

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  • christopher di spirito

    What Maggie FUPA Queen understands is what day of the week KFC has the family bucket special so she can buy several and eat like the pig she looks and sounds like.

  • KWil

    I’m sorry, did she just bitch about substituting values for the founding fathers, then “promising that they would have been shocked” as she is?
    Contradiction? FAIL!
    (shaaaaaame bitch!)


    Maggot: We know that your view the Queerty threads. So here is my message to you………You are a bitter old nasty vile reprehensive bigoted stain on humanity. You who had multiple abortions you carry on a charade of a marriage with a man who travels the globe with another man to participate in card torunaments. There is obviusly no love in your marriage. We ask not special rights only the exact same rights enjoyed by every other citizen of the United States. You have cast hatred upon the Gay community for years. You can not give a single example of a Gay person causing harm to you. Our getting married has zero effect on any other group or persons. You and your organization are no better than the skin heads, nazis, KKK or any hatefilled group who spews vile rhetoric upon another group simply because you do not like them. I believe in karma be it in this world or the next. You are destined for a world of hurt for your vile antics…….

    You are the definition of an evil meanspirited vile being who is ugly on both the outside and inside…………

  • Anyway

    @pwwo: Maggie’s married? That’s your shock headline of the day.

  • jeffree

    Mrs Srivistav has become redundant. Her organization in flailing on their bus tour, and they could supply no credible witnesses at the Prop8 hearings. She needs to work on her OWN marriage & stop worrying about other peoples’.

    She needs a new cause: may I suggest she focus on obesity?

  • Baxter

    The Founding Fathers were a far more intellectually and culturally diverse group than either Gallagher or Pareene seem to realize. While many were probably far more enlightened than Pareene believes, an equal number were probably significantly less enlightened than Gallagher does.

    I expect that if the Founding Fathers were alive today (and given a few years to acclimate to modern life) that some would have supported yesterday’s ruling and some would have been shocked and appalled, kind of like Americans today. Ironically, an equal number would probably be shocked and appalled that a woman like Maggie Gallagher was out giving speeches, voting, and wearing pants.

  • Dawson

    Actually, GW never really believed in slavery. He took it on begrudgingly because it was part of the culture and because he had no other choice. He freed his slaves when he died. Thomas Jefferson had a slave lover that was actually a lover not a rape victim. Also, this entire country was founded by these men that absolutely believed that the country should protect the rights of minorities. Hell, even the people that originally populated this country did so because they were standing up for their own personal rights (see Mormons, Pilgrims, Puritans, Mennonites/Amish, Scotch Irish or one of the many other repressed groups that founded America). I think this bitch needs to take her dwindling donations and buy a clue about American history while she still can.

  • Dawson

    @jeffree: Her focusing on obesity would run the same train of thought as Bristol Palin focusing on abstinence or Sarah Palin focusing on job retention.

  • Enron

    At one time in America’s history, a group of people were considered inferior. The early settlers were considered inferior and had to seek somewhere to practice their religious beliefs with freedom. Throughout the years, immigrants from all over the world have traveled to the US to live and make a new life because of the freedom they believed was better than where they were coming from. Irish immigrants were once seen as second class citizens but were overtime incorporated into general class of white America and seen as just regular Caucasians. Italian immigrants who came to America, also were seen as second class citizens, African Americans throughout all this were not even recognized as citizens.

    The same applied to Asians. Later down in the 20th century, certain views became taboo, such as integration of black and whites in schools, abolishing segregation, interracial marriage. These were eventually overthrown because they were obviously unjust. A black person is no different from a white person and a Asian person is no different either race except for a obvious physical difference in appearance.

    Now this is just a nutshell of more than 275 years, but looking at the history of America, I would expect that it would be time to end the challenges that a certain class of fellow humans have to go through every time to prove themselves. Something as basic as love should not be something two people of the same sex should be fighting so much for. Why can’t the prejudices just end once and for all? Why do we keep forgetting the past and struggles that one part of society faced in previous years.

    Why must your sexuality, and sexual preferences and your choice to love someone who loves you be denied? What makes you better than me? I am sick of this!

  • declanto

    @Dawson: Gw did, indeed own slaves, whil serving as the first president of the United States, he owned no less than seven domestic slaves in his official residence in Philadelphia. One of his slaves escaped and he hounded her and her offspring until his death, trying to reassert his ownership rights.

  • Syl

    @Baxter: Exactly! Our Founding Fathers were forward thinking liberals (in the classic meaning of the term; from “libertas”, “freedom”), and their constant rotating in their graves every time some blowhard “family values” conservative says we’re a “Christian nation” could provide enough energy to power Los Angeles!

  • Mark Alexander

    I almost–ALMOST–feel sorry for Maggie. I mean look at the poor thing: she looks in the mirror and obviously hates herself so the only delight she can find in life is projecting her own self-hatred onto others.

    I’ll bet if she checks herself into a good weight loss clinic, undergoes some counseling and loses about 75-100 pounds suddenly the whole ghey “thing” will become unimportant.

    Then again she may just be a wicked old hag without any hope of redemption.

  • Phil

    “Well, yes — the founders would’ve been shocked, because the decision was based in part on the 14th Amendment, which the founders had nothing to do with, because they owned people as property.”

    I think I need a change of shorts, it was that great of a comeback.

  • gilber

    notice the symbols in the poster, it tells a lot,notice is symmetry, this is the very symbol of homosexual coupling, not of sexually dimorphic ones.they should have at least a circle bigger than the other,an asymmetric one.they won’t never stop using gestalt techniques in order to linearized themselves with the psycho physical conditions enjoyed by same sex couples.

  • Jeff K.

    Oh my gods, I just heard her speak and she sounds like Archie Bunker’s wife.


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