What Makes Gautam Raghavan So Qualified To Be White House LGBT Liaison Anyway?

Do you have any idea what the LGBT White House Liaison does? Yep, neither do we. But after one month of not fully having one it looks like we’ll be getting a new one! His name is Gautam Raghavan and he used to be a Pentagon official. Ooooh! Maybe he’ll help make the LGBT movement more militant and covert. That’d be rad.

In actuality, the LGBT White House Liaison advocates gay issues within the building, lets people know where the President stands on LGBT issues, and explains the work progress of equality legislation.

So what are Raghavan’s qualifications?

1) He’s gay. Gay as a fox.

2) He was one of the Pentagon officials who managed the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” repeal process and we all know how that turned out.

3) He has a lot of fundraising experience having worked for the Democratic National Committee’s Midwest finance director.

4) He’s also has experience fundraising for the Indian-American and South Asian-American communities nationally, which brings some racial diversity to the table.

5) He looks like a young Eugene Levy.

6) A former colleague says that Raghavan is “able to juggle a number of competing constituencies… in an unbelievably competent manner.”

Sounds good! We welcome him to the gang and, as RuPaul would say, Good luck… and don’t fuck it up.

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