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  • Lance Rockland

    Fascists! They’re gonna get someone killed!

  • CJ

    As offensive, bigoted and naive as NOM’s message often is, this particular sign is taken out of context and distorted. No one is advocating hanging gays or lesbians. It’s a quote from Old Testament Jewish law that pertains to God’s justice, not man’s.

    It really discredits the LGBT community when distortion is the only way we can answer those that oppose equality. We condemn others for doing this – and yet turn around and do it ourselves?

  • randy

    On the contrary, CJ, the author of the poster is most explicitly calling for the hanging death of gays. He quotes Leviticus which call for the death of gays. How more explicit do you want it to be?

  • GaryG

    Wow, to actually see someone saying that we are taking the sign out of context really makes me laugh. It’s from a church, and with religion being the biggest hatemongers out there, we understand what the sign says completely. To try and defend it is just pathetic.

  • Ricky

    @CJ: Were it just the quote, I’d almost agree with you BUT the twos nooses paint a different picture. God’s justice wouldn’t come in that form… the group that made that sign intended for it to be taken at face value. I think it is quite clear what the sign is saying and I don’t need a context quide to spell it out for me.

  • Matt

    Glad the address is there so we can go burn the place down…

  • Zach


    Exactly. If God did exist, presumably it wouldn’t need to hang people – it would strike them down in any number of ways. A noose is quite obviously meant to be human justice, or in this case, human atrocity.

  • Clint

    this is brilliant

  • Jeffree

    @Plays Well: OMG Mrs Srivistav got gastric-bypasss! Either that or that blue has a slimmming effect :-D


    @Jeffree:J, very correct my friend….. As long as one stays away with the horizontal stripes!!! :-p

  • Ricky

    @Zach: exactly… like a bolt of lightning or O’Reily talking for 48 hours straight!

  • gilber

    this quote was very intelligently has successfully convinced uncountable number of gullible males to get into lesbian acts such as oral sex to vaginas instead of male sexual organs.even worst,it even encourages the practice of pseudobestiality,another extreme variation of human heterosexuality.a male lie with another man because it is to him only that he belongs sexually to.when a man lies with a woman it is to sodomize her and practice lesbianism.this quote also give the impression that same sex couplings are more promiscuous that heterosexual ones.typical manipulation of theologians,they can make a monster out of a butterfly.

  • Jeffree

    Well, I’m gonna tell some comedy secrets here. If your act doesn’ t work in one place, you need to reboot & figure out another one for the next gig. Revamp, re-style & reconfigure. (& of course you will rightly say that’s obvious, & not really that secret).

    Mrs Magaly Srivistav has yet to figure that out. if what yer doin’ doesn’t work, do something else. Measure twice, cut once as the carpenter will tell you.

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