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What Queerty Is Thankful For This Year


More than four years ago, Queerty launched as a blog for LGBTs who couldn’t find a certain spirit of news, entertainment, politics, sex, and sarcasm elsewhere on the web. Little did we know that four years later, we’d have so much to be thankful for. While our American readers sit down to celebrate Thanksgiving in some form today, we invite everyone to see what Queerty has to be thankful for this year. By no means is it a comprehensive or exhaustive list; it’s just a handful of things always on our mind as we blog along each day. We’ll see you tomorrow.

Dan Choi, Victor Fehrenbach, and our gay military heroes. You volunteered to put yourselves in harm’s way to protect our country. And now you’ve volunteered to become the spokespeople for untold thousands of gay men and women serving in the shadows. You’ve put a face on America’s endorsement of discrimination, and every day you’re helping change the minds of DADT’s supporters.

Myriam Mercado, Sirdeaner Walker, Masika Bermudez, and the family of August Provost. The mothers and loved ones of Jorge Steven Lopez Mercado, Carl Joseph Walker-Hoover, Jaheem Herrera, and Provost aren’t just keeping the memories of their slain sons alive, but they’re demanding Americans take anti-gay violence — and, particularly, school bullying — seriously. Like Judy Shepard before them, these women are heroes, and we couldn’t ask for more upstanding ladies to fight for children just to be nice to each other.

Jared Polis, Tammy Baldwin, and even Barney Frank. These out gay politicos didn’t let their sexuality stop them from taking public office, and they’re certainly not letting right-wing criticism stop them from spearheading gay rights legislation. Add the names of (straight allies) Kirsten Gillibrand and the late Ted Kennedy to our current class of civil rights fighters.

The Leffew Family. We feel like we’ve been watching this California family grow up before our eyes. With two gay dads and two adorable children, the Leffews show us that gay families are just as loving, safe, and capable of contributing to society as any other family. And they remind us the only thing that’s necessary to be a “traditional” family is to care about the people in it.

The promises of Barack Obama. We’re thankful that while running for this nation’s highest office, President Obama promised the gay community he would be our strongest ally, our fiercest advocate. And while he’s yet to seriously live up to that commitment, his own words give us all the more reason to demand he act on our behalf.

The models. Without beautiful people, there would be no Morning Goods. And without Morning Goods, there might be no reason for y’all to stop by … at least in the early hours.

Maggie Gallagher. It’s hard to be thankful for a woman who led an organization that raped our marriage rights away. And we’re not suffering any Stockholm Syndrome when we say that, were it not for folks like Gallagher, the extremism of anti-gay bigotry would not always be so self-evident. Giving it a face helps.

Our creator. Whether it’s God, some metaphysical spirit, or some other higher power that put us on earth, thanks. But more so, thanks for putting us here and loving us unconditionally, despite what many people who claim to worship you think of us.

Our readers. Were it not for each of you, there would be no reason to publish this website. You make our days entertaining, informative — and every so often, stressful! (In a good way!) And we’re thankful to have you along for the ride each and every day.

What are you thankful for?

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  • Joseph

    There is no god or higher power!

  • terrwill

    I too will follow Queerty Peoples lead:

    > I am thankful that Ted Haggard has a new place of worship, the first place of worship with a back room. I hear the name is The Temple of Crystal Meth

    > I am thankful for Scarah Pallin and her reenergized conserative rightwing-nutbag zealot base. She truly is the gift that keeps on giving. And the latest news from the lunatic rightwing is that they are considering a 2012 Dream ticket of Scarah and Glen Beck! God how delicious would that be!!

    > I am thankful to Levi Johnston. Alas he did not show us what Johnston’s Johnson looked like, nor did he show us what Levi had in his Levis or even give us a shot of the flesh North Pole ( I know I have posted them many times but what the hell!). But he is the perinial thorn in Scarahs side. Rumor has it he has some interesting videos he got while visiting the Pallin home during the times he was diddling Scarahs daughter right in the room next to her which shows the not too pre packaged “happily married couple” of Scarah and Clod they pretend to be.

    > I am thankful for Yawn Hannity, Rush Windbag, Ann Cuntler, Michael (dont call me by my real jewish last name Weiner) Savage,
    Maggie (C U Next Tuesday) Gallagher, Carrie Prejizz aka Little Miss Cunty Face, Miss Lindsey Grahm, Larry (wide stance) Craig, and the rest of the rightwing-nutbag zealot lunatics who show almost normal people in this country that you can not run a country by hate and fear and attempts to divide the country. They were a deciding factor in Obamas win in 2008 and in 2009 they proved they haven’t learned (NY District 23) guaranteeing us election night victories for years to come

    > Personally I am happy for my new beau, New relationship right around the Holidays = Perfect Holidays

    > Heck, I am even thankful to the Queerty Peoples who give us a place to post, bicker, banter, and even sometimes laugh every day……….


  • Chris

    No god, that’s right, but why not ignore that point. People can thank a non-existent entity lol If they keep it to themselves.

  • GimmeABreak

    I’m thankful for the wonderful egg donor and gestational surrogate who helped make my dreams of fatherhood come true three years ago on Nov 24th. I will forever be in their debt and women like that are true heroes.

  • gayfamilyvalues

    Thank you Queerty for the very nice comment about our family. I am thank full for Queerty for helping my family change hearts and minds in this country. I am thank full for those in the gay community that challenge our core beliefs and values, so that we may look within and reflect on what we believe to be true.


  • Darlene

    I am thankful for Charles Darwin, who eviscerated the last ion of plausibility for the God hypothesis, clearly demarking anyone who still praises God as a delusional rube.

  • queer atheist

    Thanks Giving Day is Lame.

    Thankful for:
    1) War
    2) Crime
    3) Government and Corporate Lies (more of #2)
    4) Disease
    5) Hunger
    6) Natural Disasters

    Feel free to add your favorites if not mentioned

    Thanks Giving is really a holiday to make everyone feel “good”, so they can buy more sh!t they don’t need and eat more food than they can afford (to buy, or, put on the pounds). Maybe this Turkey Day, just pretend the holiday doesn’t matter, and see how thankful you really are. If you need an excuse to be thankful for one day out of the year, ’nuff said.

  • YellowRanger

    I’m thankful for the aliens, who so graciously saw fit to stick us all here as part of some grand experiment. That makes as much sense as a sky wizard doing it because he was bored.

    See you in 2012, my intergalactic overlords.

  • Ian

    @ Terrwill

    I wish you were still single :\

  • hephaestion

    I am thankful for eggs. I loves me some eggs. Yum yum!

  • hephaestion

    Actually I am most thankful for my beautiful lesbian niece, who came out this year. I can’t tell you how indescribably happy I am to no longer be the only Gay in the family. It is Nirvana seeing this wonderful baby dyke coming into her own!

  • Martin

    I am thankful that I have brilliant and wonderful parents, brother, and family.

    I also had the good fortune of spending this Thanksgiving with the direct descendants of John and Priscilla Alden, who, in 1620, founded Plymouth Colony along with 100 other passengers and in 1621 held the first Thanksgiving in the New World.

  • mark Segal

    and we are thankful for Queerty

  • InExile

    I am thankful for having a wonderful hubby for the last 15 years to share life with. I am thankful his country France allowed me to stay so we could remain together since the US gave us no choice but to leave 4 years ago. I am also thankful to Queerty for giving me a place to be entertained, informed, and be together with other gays from my own country.

  • Keith Kimmel

    No. 1 · Joseph

    “There is no god or higher power!”


    I don’t celebrate thanksgiving. I will eat on that day, but its more for socializing than anything else. I refuse to celebrate the day that the United Fucking States Government took my ancestor’s land.

  • Brian

    I am thankful that Queerty is not afraid of the Gay Inc. or the Gay Establishment. Equality is more important than avoiding controversy. 2010 will be a big year for LGBT Equality. Everything is about to change. Good-bye Gay Inc.

  • Josh

    Keith Kimmel said: “I refuse to celebrate the day that the United Fucking States Government took my ancestor’s land.”

    Did you get a casino?

  • terrwill

    IAN: Thanks (I think ;-P )

  • Brian NJ

    I am thankful for the models on Queerty, and the biting commentary on Queerty, and for all the dishing and fighting. Amen. Hail Satan!

  • terrwill

    Brian NJ: If you got an in with Mr. Satan do you think you can ask him if his special corner in the darkest corner of this domain is ready for those names next to the second and fourth > in post #2??? ;-P

  • WillBFair

    My favorite holiday, the perfect excuse to get together with the loved ones with a decent vintage and roast hog.
    I’m thankful for my freinds, and that we’re still here against all odds. I’m thankful for parks and churches and museums and galleries and chi chi neighborhoods, and all the places to walk with my peoples after an elegant brunch. I’m thankful that the local dance club still does tea dance, even if that dj is hopeless. I’m thankful for having lived long enough heal myself of personal issues, and find some emotional strength, and learn a few things, and understand a bit about the world, and see through the bulls–t of low mass culture, and celebrate the finer things in life: freindship, knowledge, beauty, kindness, fairness, charity, argument, respect, Aaron Eckart, St. Chapel, the Pieta, logic, democracy, ankle sockies, and the whole mountain range of queer achievement.

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