Ordinary Guys Unite!

What Real Gay Men Look Like In Underwear Ads

What does it take to be an underwear model — Perfect abs? Smoldering eyes? Unblemished skin? Hours of photoshopping?

No, no, no no. All it takes is feeling confident wearing next to nothing. Last year, The Sun recreated designer underwear photos, with normal guys swapped out for the models. And the result was that the regular guys came out looking as sexy — if not sexier — than the perfectly-coiffed, untouchable professionals.

In that spirit, Queerty rounded up a few great regular guys who were willing to take off their clothes for our camera. Our friends at Andrew Christian very awesomely sent us underwear samples to outfit our men, and here are the results.

So what do you think? Do you prefer the original models, or the regular guys? Who do you relate to?

And should we continue this little project with more photos? We’d love to shoot some more of these, with another group of natural, diverse guys.


That’s Murray Swanby on the left, and Cucci Binaca on the right, whom you may recognize from Seattle’s rich drag scene.



That’s Daddy Griff on the right, aka Seattle Leather Daddy 2015. He could easily have hoisted larger weights but those were the biggest ones we had!



And here’s more of Griff. In this shot, he’s displaying a range of actions, while we experience one very specific action in our loins.



Mike stands in for a priest from a particularly sacrilegious Andrew Christian video.



Ruff ruff. Pup Growlex shows a little cheek.



And here’s Growlex out of his mask, and in his harness as Lex Antoine.



Here’s Zakaria Ibrahimi, showing off some brand new ink on his neck. If you like that, you should see his instagram.



Lari brings a bit more color to the original pose, both in his undies and on his skin.



OK, one more of Cucci. Mmm!

Like what you see? Want to see more real guys in sexy undies? Like this post, and we’ll turn this into a regular feature.

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