What Should We Really Expect In Working With Gay And Gay-Friendly Republicans?

Bryan Safi may love GOP Presidential candidate Fred Karger (starring in the video above), but we’re still not entirely sure how to reconcile this whole “gay Republican” thing. Yes, we need pro-gay Republicans to help us get marriage equality and other queer-rights legislation passed (like in New York), but most of the Republican presidential candidates are anti-LGBT. The Log Cabin Republicans have done a good job pressuring the president with their Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell lawsuit, but GOProud sucks up to anti-gay organizations that don’t even want them around.

We need to reach a middle ground with conservative swing voters and build bridges for Republican support so we don’t stay in perpetual political gridlock. But the idea that the GOPs or Americans would actually elect a gay president at this time is absurd. So how can we intelligently partner with the elephants without losing our pride? Or should we simply club them with the same anti-gay stick they’ve been clubbing us with for decades? Hmm, carrots or sticks? Decisions, decisions…