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  • whatever

    her husbad is gay, too, right?

  • Who Cares

    The groom could be a Dancing Queen….

  • Cam

    Wasn’t there some story about a paper in Sweden catching a prince and his friends licking jam off each other? Was it this prince?

  • whatever

    @robert: wow. he makes davey wavey look like rambo.

  • Alex

    Long live Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel! Long live the house of Bernadotte!!!!

  • sixfeetunder

    Queerty, what’s with the exclamation point re the groom being a commoner? The bride’s mother was a commoner when she married the current king. Her royal aunts also married mere “misters.” In fact the whole family has numerous commoners married in. Do some research, okay?

  • marco

    I love the Swedish Royals! (especially Carl Phillip!!)

    They’re down-to-earth, but still very elegant.

    If anyone’s interested, they could watch the entire ceremony here:,p104698,3,f,-1

    I hope Victoria and Daniel have a wonderful and lasting marriage.

    Daniel has such a nerdy hotness to him!

    BTW, It’s Westling, not Westing. :)

  • Jeff K.

    How does one say “¡Viva la República!” in Swedish? :P

  • Whoddafunk?

    I watched the wedding live and it was nice to see Peter Jöback dancing with his boyfriend amidst all the royals and upper-class folk in such a conservative country (oh yes, you thought Sweden was a progressive country… try living here for a while… it’s a VERY conservative society at heart, with a few [very few] liberal pieces of frosting decorating it).

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