bomb scares

What Stupid Feud Caused A Gay Man To Report His Husband As An Airport Terrorist?

Dear gays in a domestic dispute: Do not use bomb threats at airports to solve your problems, okay? It gives all of us a bad name. And screws with my all-expenses paid vacation!!

A terror security alert at Heathrow Airport was sparked by two gay men embroiled in a lovers’ tiff, it emerged today. Armed officers swooped on a 72-year-old man at Terminal 5 after a 999 call to police that he had a bomb and planned “to blow something up”. Earlier another armed police unit was deployed to Oxford railway station and officers from the British Transport Police also launched a major operation to trace the suspected “bomber”. However, today a man in his thirties, who is believed to be in a civil partnership with the pensioner, was arrested in connection with the scare at Heathrow yesterday.

It’s unclear what the pair was fighting about, but I’m guessing it was more than whether the 72-year-old partner got to take the good luggage. Of course, there are worse ways to involve bomb scares and lovers’ quarrels.