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What the Gays Are Doing at the Tea Parties

Yesterday on Tax Day, free Americans from all over the land tailgated their way through a First Amendment exercise. Like in Ft. Lauderdale, where Tea Partiers gathered outside the federal courthouse. Even the gays were there! With punny jokes!

The Sunshine Republicans, a regional gay group that has this poster featured on its website, were on hand to encourage safe sex and safe politics.

The Sunshine Republicans distributed condoms in bright red wrappers that said “love.” The condoms were attached to cards advising people to “Use Condom Sense Vote Republican!!” Hundreds were given away, said the group’s president, Benjamin Lewis.

Sunshine’s next event is on April 24, where they’re hosting something called “Wine & Dine With Your K-9.” A chance to booze with your pooch? We’re only going if they’re handing out decent bottles of cab sav that read “Democrats Need to Quit Wine-ing!”