What The Hell Did Willam Do To Get Kicked Off Drag Race?!?

Good God, girl, what the hell was that foolishness?

First William wins the duet challenge, then she barfs off stage, and then she gets called out for breaking the rules and sent home. And then they don’t tell us what she did? That is not how this mess is done. You do not drop a bomb like that and then not give the T!

According to Logo, the reason for Willam’s sudden departure will be revealed at the reunion show. But EW snagged the glamour girl herself for a brief kiki:

You’re pulling the funny here, but what really happened?
What do you think I did?

I don’t know — you were barfing there on the runway. Are you bulimic and that’s against the rules?
Here’s the thing: I had an abortion. The anesthesia just made me sick. I will say this: I wasn’t caught doing anything. Everything that I did, I admitted and I brought to everyone’s attention.

Why do you have to be cryptic about what happened on last night’s episode?
Oh, no, no — not at all. We don’t have to be cryptic. It’s my choice. I want people to keep tuning in. Maybe watch me at the reunion.

Was what you did bad?
If I was good at what I was doing — which they considered “bad” — is it still considered “bad”? I’m trying not to be an a–hole here, but it’s not working out very well.

Okay, so that doesn’t really answer anything. Could it have been bulemia? Willam did brag about her ridiculously skinny waist, but an eating disorder would be an odd thing to put in a contract—or to heartlessly cut someone for.

Some are saying Willam had a laptop or otherwise made contact with the outside world, which is against the rules, but kind of boring as revelations go.

So, was it drugs? Estrogen? An AutoTuner? What do y’all think? Place your bets in the comments section!

And come back for the full recap of last night’s RuPaul‘s Drag Race !

Photo: Logo

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  • Stefan

    Oh, for christ sake, you couldn’t put the spoiler NOT in the damn headline??

  • Grady Griffith

    It’s just some lame publicity stunt that RuPaul cooked up, one that is likely to backfire. The good news is that Willamette is off the show — or is she?

  • Mari

    It think it’s because of all those designer clothes and shoes he had. I think you are
    only allowed to use what RuPaul gives you on the show. Just a thought.

  • Troy

    Ok so I love this chick!!! I’m still fuming that she got kicked off the show! I love RPDR… but she MADE THIS SEASON!!! Willam is gorgeous and hilarious!!! Hell she probably does deserve her own show!! I’m upset… and how much you want to bet they still won’t tell you everything about why she got disqualified on the reunion show!! :/ Such a shame! Her songs are great though! :P
    PS… not to be a bitch but got quite a few typos there hun! If you need a copy editor, I’m available!! ;) Muah!!!

    Oh the bet… hmm… I bet that she was probably using her phone or talking to others since on the show they have to not use any sort of communication with others… I mean apparently everyone does it since Chad Michaels said that they all do it!! :P And plus she showed up the next morning looking like hell… so she prolly went out on the town, saw her husband or something…. admitted to it and is now gone!! :( I’m gunna mourn over this for a few days now! :/ All while listening to “Trouble”!

  • Curtis

    God.. how dense are you people?
    Can you say, biological woman? xD

  • DJ Fruit Loops

    Biological Woman ??? with that 5 o clock shadow ? i dont think willim IS Italian LOL

  • J

    Fuck you guys, Queerty. I always wait to watch drag race with my friends and now you fucking ruined it!

  • Jeffrey

    I think you have a typo in the title (unless it’s some kind of in-joke, I don’t watch the show :P)

  • Mark

    If you watched “UnTucked”, every other queen knew exactly what he was doing ahead of time and HE knew that day when they were doing the make-up for the singing part that he was going to be tossed.

    Simplest explanation: outside contact. He was either seen by all with a cell phone or laptop. Some say elsewhere you can see he was blogging during filming, which I guess is forbidden.

  • Gary Indiana

    You fucking asshole. Don’t post spoiler’s in the fucking headline.

    I haven’t watched the episode yet.

  • Mark

    All the drama queens on here who tape the SuperBowl and watch it the next day and get pissed at the score being reported should really untighten their hair curlers.

    Don’t want SPOILERS? Stay off the internet. The show played. People talk. Deal.

  • tookietookie

    My conjecture is Phi Phi kept mentioning the “buying shoes” and the “credit card” because Willam was shopping during the show for new clothes and stuff to use for the competition, or else he was having someone do it for him. Either way, the rest of the queens were sewing and using what they had already brought with them, and Willam always had new shoes, etc (and was pointing that out week after week.)

  • Joe

    She kikied with Santino… notice he’s not a judge this week?

  • JB

    ARE YOU F*CKING KIDDING ME QUEERTY?!? Way to ruin the episode with a stupid headline on your main page. Add another checkmark to the “amateurs!” column.

  • Disgusted Gay American

    I think its because he appeared in that WILSON PHILLIPS parody video which wasn’t RuPaul Endorsed……

  • jj

    fucking phi phi needs to go bye bye. I dont use the C word much but that girl is a CUNT.

  • ChristopherM

    Whatever he did, it appears he purposely broke a rule and told everyone about it to get kicked off so he is the most talked about. Lame.

    And people who go reading gay news sites before watching a gay show and expect not to have a spoiler are jackasses.

  • DouggSeven

    On an unrelated note, perezhilton.com is skipping this story AND the Jason Russell freak out thing.

    Last night’s episode did have another shocker though – Sharron Needles doesn’t do so hot in lipsyncing for her life. Phiphi probably would have won (even though I feel he shoulda lost after his wig came off during his over the top performance).

    Who knows – it’s a reality show and they always have a history of doing something unexpected. Willam can be brought back and win the whole damn thing…hell, even Shangela can be brought back – wackier things have happened. They did promise a big ‘never before done’ think at the beginning of this season – was this it? Show’s not over yet so we don’t exactly know what that is.

  • DouggSeven

    @Disgusted Gay American:

    This theory boggles me. You know that video came out YESTERDAY and this is a taped show, right? Come on people – this is not a live show we’re following here…use your brains.

  • Don't be stupid.

    Ok people. This is the 21st century. You cannot go on Facebook, Twitter, Google, MSN, etc. without reading what just happened three seconds ago. News sites don’t post a spoiler alert, it’s a fricken news site. If you can’t watch the show that night, stay off the internet until you watch it. Otherwise deal with the fact that you WILL find out eventually from someone. It was like Americans trying not to read the HP books and getting pissed when people would spoil the plot line of the next film. Get over it. Life goes on. There are more important things in the world over your ability to watch a television show as it airs.

  • TerryJones

    Willam posted a spoof video of drag queens endorsing Chick-Fil-A online yesterday – that’s my guess – absolutely no product endorsements

  • Tim

    Thanks for spoiling it for me Queerty!

  • Mark

    People, she was fired for outside contact you can bet. The Chick fil A thing was filmed after she was fired. Ru’s drag show was filmed months ago.
    You can sort of tell ahead from the previews who they’re setting up next. Dida.

  • Frederick

    Im sorry to see Willam go; he was very full of himself, but he was beautiful and talented. Hopefully, Phi Phi gets the boot next episode; he is a mean-spirited, conniving bitch.

  • John

    I’ve read on other sites that Willam was going out to the clubs in LA (having outside contact) and getting others to help procure his clothes/costumes when everyone else had to make his own in the Work-It-Out Room. It looks like a publicity stunt to get people to tune in to the reunion show on April 30th, when all will be revealed.

  • Charlie

    Damn, win the challenge and lose the episode. So wrong so very wrong and Logo is clearly milking this to get us to watch the reunion show. Sharon and Phi Phi got saved by whatever happened there.

  • muffinman

    Thanks for ruining who got kicked off in the headline Queerty

  • tookietookie

    @DouggSeven: Sharon Needles did a great lip synch. she brought her style to it and it was very entertaining. I don’t know what show you were watching. Phi Phi lost her wig and just shook around on the stage…it was a couldabeen Jiggly performance for all I cared *yawn*.

  • graham

    it’s drugs. phi phi said ‘she’s using her credit card to go but her sh-BEEEP-it.’ Willam explained he was drained, and phi phi mentioned something about the previous night. Willam said it was personal issues. Phi Phi said ‘you’re doing stuff that can get us ALL in trouble.’ such as bringing drugs onto the set/into the house.

    shame. hope she gets better.

  • DouggSeven

    Willam may have purposely broke the rules just to get thrown off. Technically, he didn’t ‘lose’ on the show, he was disqualified so he can say he wasn’t booted off the show for losing to people he probably feels are beneath him.

    It also gives him rebel cred. Isn’t the whole point of being a tranny to ‘break the rules’ anyway? He’s no dummy.

  • Dimplomat of the Societyforthepreventionofcrimesagaisntcoutureandcoiffure

    They didn’t really ruin anything. The whole episode sort of screwed with our minds. If you see a spoiler in the title, why would you read the article? And if you didn’t read the article then I can’t imagine that the headline plus the show didn’t throw you for a loop. Also Phi Phi is evil. She performed well but the standout in that lip sync was definitely Sharon. Did any of us, who aren’t already familiar with Sharon’s performance, know she had that in her? I like Sharon but not even that much but I sincerely hope she wins. She’s a fierce bitch.

  • Kevin_BGFH

    @Mari: No, it depends on the competition. Sometimes they use what Ru provides, sometimes they use what they bring themselves, sometimes they supplement Ru’s stuff with their own. Each challenge has its own rules for attire.

    @Jeffrey: I assume you’re referring to the spelling of his name? If so, that’s how he spells it.

    @graham: @John: I initially suspected he was doing drunks (his lethargic look in the morning, and then throwing up onstage). Then I thought maybe he was sneaking out at night to go clubbing (again because of the lethargy). But it seems that the issue is probably more competition-based because of the way the others, especially Phi Phi, were accusing him of cheating. Which suggests either hormones, outside communication, or getting wardrobe supplements from the outside.

  • John

    now there is chatter about Willam’s boyfriend sneaking him in a laptop (against the rules).

  • zephyr with a Z

    It couldn’t be something as simple as lying about her age, could it? I too am remembering what Chad Michaels said about “we all do it”, and come to think of it during the polygraph part at the beginning that was one of the questions Ru asked.

    The other thing I thought was drugs of some kind, if she’s taking estrogen shots maybe that is against the rules. Or how about this…Lucien is in on a sting operation with Ru and offers to share some drugs with each of the girls, they all turn him down except Willam so the reason she was all quiet and subdued the next morning was because she partied all night with the sexy producer. Actually, Willam (or someone acting like her) has posted somewhat cryptically on previous RDR threads on this site, maybe she will poke her five o’clock shadow out of the ground and drop a few more hints?

    Finally, holy cow you fucking whiners, if you didn’t want to know what happened why click on this article, or go on the internet at all? Return to your cave and stick your fingers in your ears.

  • TedSmitts

    What if Willam was born Wilma and is going FtM?

  • Fitz

    It’s rude to ruin the surprise for people. I already saw the show, but I feel warned about next week: Don’t come to Queerty until I have watched it. Somehow the other queer blogsd have managed to use cuts and carefully worded headlines.

  • Jwb8495

    Ive had it with these idiots upset because you so called “spoiled” the episode. If they would have watched it while it was on then they would’ve known . Noone wants to hear your cry baby bullshit. Watch the fucking show when it’s on and don’t go on the Internet if you haven’t watched cause you know people are gonna be talking about it. Retards!

  • Bart

    Did anyone else think it was weird that during Untucked they specifically kept saying that he was “cheating” when talking about it but never actually said what it is? I know these shows get edited to death but I have trouble believing that they could carry on multiple conversations like this unless they were specifically coached not to say what the cheating was.

  • falon

    Heroine maybe? She was really out of it and quiet in the work room then threw up on stage, and people have been known to use a drug habbit as a way to stay thin, pretty sure this would also be againstthe rules of the show. ; )

  • homer

    38 comments for this? Puhlease.

  • yoko ono

    The whole thing was very suspicious. They all acted like whatever the cheating was had been going on for a while. I think Ru knew when she wrote the episode premise that they were kicking Willam off. It was all designed so they could have a Sharon vs Phi Phi lip sinc without sending one of them home, not that Phi Phi doesn’t deserve to go home and hasn’t deserved to go home for a while, they just keep her on to milk the tension. The whole thing is a shame because the final should be Sharron, Latrice and Willam, which is a great final 3, and now who gets that final spot? Chad Michaels?



  • Shannon1981

    @falon: If it was drugs she’d have been gone a long time ago, because the show wouldn’t want that liability. I am assuming they drug test regularly…

    I am thinking hormones. That is the only thing I can think that gives a really, really unfair advantage.

  • Juwana Mann

    If several of the girls over all the seasons were not actively abusing drugs OR hormones, id be greatly surprised, and in todays modern society thats practically run on medications, pills, and quick chemical fixes, its not oh so shocking or really even abnormal.

    At the end of the day this is, after all, a show. Its not “real” despite all efforts to the contrary or otherwise. Every single one of these queens are more in depth and interesting than their online profiles, cover photos, and character representations on film, and while some may actually in all reality be just as stupid, overdone, ignorant, or whatever as they seem on the show, it doesnt mean we should assume the best or the worst of them. They are PEOPLE, just like you and I.

    That being said, in my own personal opinion, i cant help but to agree with many other commenting fans, i dont like Phi Phi in the slightest and it comes down to Sharon and Chad for me. Ive been a Sharon fan for quite awhile now and i simply adore her and her vision entirely, whereas Chad has to be one of the most genuine, good-hearted, sincerely sweet people ive ever seen and his drag is perfection polished to a big ol’ shiny T <3 ^-^ And Latrice certainly does do the big girls proud and is one super fierce queen, but its Sharon for the gold and Chad for the silver in my eyes.

    Honestly, i think Phi Phi deserves to be asked to leave just as much as Willam. Willam most likely cheated by not keeping the shows discretion as far as the outside world was concerned, but Phi Phi deliberately sabotages other queens and only ever seems to succeed when shes channeling that evil bitchy "I just shoved youu down to the GROUND" kind of energy in place of real confidence and self esteem. Everything she does is because of or in relation to somebody else and shes just not happy if shes not stepping on someone. Toxic people like that are rarely deserving of what they eventually "earn", because they only have it from the merits of taking it by any and all means necessary from somebody else.

    In conclusion, this last show was both enthralling and somewhat disappointing to me. I thought better of the show. However i suppose ill just continue to enjoy the pleasurable aspects of Ru Pauls Drag Race without buying into any of the publicity stunting, plugging, and hype so obviously designed into every mainframe of its structure. to better serve my own conscience. Because anything bought by such a steep emotional and almost degrading price demanded of these contestants, even fame, isnt anything id like to help feed.

  • Rod Black

    @Shannon1981: I think it was hormones too, Ru did give them all a lie detector test at the beginning of the show and Willam was afraid to answer some questions.

  • Shannon1981

    @Rod Black: Yeah. the thing is, in competitive drag-both queens and kings- hormones are the number one no no. And, let’s face it, Willam pulls this off far too well. Absolutely no trace of maleness when he is in drag.

  • Josh in OR

    @Shannon1981: Well…other than the 5 o’clock shadow. *Grin* But yeah, other than that, she’s WAY fishy, and she DOES have that video about wanting a real vagina…

    I’m sure it’s just a parody, but….what if?

  • Chris

    @J: Well, sweety. We can’t all cater to you and your friends. It was a big deal that she got kicked off the world wants to talk about it. Everyone knows that you need to stay off the internet if you care about a show that you’re not watching live.

  • Shannon1981

    @Josh in OR: I’ve done drag before. They do not want trans men or trans women. They want drag kings and drag queens. There is a difference, and if they find out you are pre op, you’re gone. Unfair advantage. Despite the shadow….yeah, something’s up there.

  • falon

    @Shannon1981: u could be right, i had thought about hormones but only if willam has just started them recently b/c as far as i can see his body is still 100% male (no enlarging of the breast or hips) and he didnt really seem to have mood swings or anything like that. Definately a possibility though ; )

  • Shannon1981

    @falon: Yeah, its just that in the drag circuit, that is the #1 thing they usually say gives one an “unfair advantage.” That’s what made me think that. But who knows, really?

  • falon

    @TerryJones: ooo that could be! i hadnt heard that, hmmmm o.o

  • falon

    @Joe: santinos not a drag queen (as far as i know), cant have kikied ; )

  • Ursula

    Remember Vannesa Williams was never suppose to work again after being dethroned of Miss America. William is very talented and actually winner or not he has more publicity this way.

  • Al

    @graham: I don’t know where you buy drugs, but I have never seen a dealer to take credit cards. Buying her sh!t, probably means buying her clothing.

  • Al

    @K: Yes, RUMOR is. Doesn’t mean that is what it really was. She even starts by saying she doesn’t know.

  • falon

    @K: omg if thats all it is i think ill actually be a bit dissapointed lol

  • BlkWidow

    Chad said we (I) should not get in trouble for the things william is doing. That makes me think william was kicked off for not just outside contact (cell) which i think he did but as well as going out partying and yes that may or may not inclued drug use.

  • Syph

    Its called Heroin.

  • omega


  • Pfft

    @Curtis: Can you say 5 O’Clock shadow?

  • Spike

    @yoko ono: Agreed, I was thinking the same thing, everything fell into place a little to conveniently, I wouldn’t be surprised if Willam was even in on it and thus the whole throwing up on stage. So apparently the rule breaking came to RP’s attention minutes after the lip synch for your life? Yea right. Had the rule breaking matter been serious, it would have been handled in the work room.

  • stompyboy

    I’ve worked for years as a counselor at an LGBT health clinic in a major city, specializing in substance abuse and Trans care.
    I know very well what both heroin and hormone use look like, and I would bet my certifications that Willam is on neither one.

  • Quinnietime

    Has everyone seen Willam on YouTube singing about Chic-Fil-A? It’s hysterical!!!

  • shadyfifi

    @Curtis: oh god people he couldnt be a biological woman. He had five o’clock shadow for christ’s sake!

  • Melanie

    Sleeping with a producer, a la The Bachelorette? lol

  • Tammy

    I think he snuck out to get laser removal of his facial hair… He seemed very hurt about people noticing his beard… Did you see his face when on untucked, Sharon was like ” so, let’s talk about william’s beard!”
    So ya… That’s my guess

  • L1R

    It seems that he was in a play the following week so I think it had to do with being in contact with people outside the show.

  • Samantha Young

    I have to admit I was in the middle about her going home, I loved her cause she was so pretty and (in my eyes) had such a polished drag. But I also thought she was a self centered know it all that thought she was all that just because she was on TV and talked about it all the time. I do think it has something to do with drugs or getting help from the outside cause William was not shy when it came to what she was wearing either way a round I wish her good luck and luck to the rest of the girls ya’ll rock!!!!!

  • HBanana

    Definitely not bulimia… She wouldn’t have puked on stage if it was.

  • frankii

    @Joe: thats what i thought at first.

  • brian

    he went out to the club the night before was hung over your not allowed to “leave” your room.

  • Stephanie

    I bet she had a sex change(she was originally a girl) and she had said she had an abortion

  • Red

    @Mari: I dont think thats the case…everyone has outfits they wear that they have brought with them…it may have been name dropping though considering that a certain queen on a previous season got in trouble for that…if i remember right. I personally think that Phi Phi should go home…that b**** is shady and has tried to cheat to get other girls kicked off more than once…hell she tried to get latrice to throw the duet with willam so she would go home! its obvious thats what she tried to do to sharon, which willam totally called her out on that!

  • Red

    also, i dont know if you all noticed how tight willam had that corset…and then if she has a few drinks back stage and didnt have room…oops! i know a tight corset can eff up your drinkin lol

  • Jonathonz

    Although Willam is beautiful and talented she sort of ruins it by acting so arrogant. Clearly she broke some rule because she thinks she’s above them. Hopefully she’s learned her lesson. It will make her a much more entertaining person if she has.

  • Lydia

    I think it’s drugs… Oh Wiillam you sabotaged yourself!

  • Pam

    I LOVE Willam! Got to do a play with him in Philly and guys would hit on him when we would go out, not knowing she is a he! I love all he/she is. People have to understand him first before watching him be an awesome b**** on tv! He has always been skinny, case closed on that.

  • Eris

    I heard that she had been leaving the show to party in clubs with her friends since she lived in LA where the show was being filmed and had a hangover which would probably be why she was really quiet in the workroom and then threw up.

  • Eris

    Okay this has nothing to do with anything but have you noticed the Creativity, Uniqueness, Nerve and Talent that Ru says just put the firs letters together and you know it’s just another dirty joke they put in there but it’s still funny

  • Skelakitty

    I didn’t want to comment but you guys have left me no choice. It’s highly possible he was born a girl and is taking male hormones, that’s how he got the 5 o’clock shadow. Just remove your boobs in surgey and if you want to walk around naked, get a penis or atleast a fake one, and there you go, instant drag queen. Which obviously would be against the rules. It’s men looking pretty like girls, not girls looking like men to look pretty. That’s probably why he did the lie detector test. He asked if they ever been a woman. Which seemed odd to me, and that makes more sense now.
    Not saying he couldn’t go out and party…that’s probably how he got pregnant, if he was telling the truth. But honestly all you guys who are like no it was this, are you willam? No? Then you don’t know. Stop acting like you do. We all have guesses, that’s the point of writing comments on here…

    Anyway I think he was born a girl…he looks way to feminen and pretty to be a guy, he could’ve just had manly features that helped him when he ‘wasn’t in drag’ but my friends brother is FturnedM, so I would know about taking the male hormones, trust me it works well o.o

  • erin

    @tookietookie: they said it in the begain that she had brought 30 some pairs of shoes with her to the show lol

  • Trixielynn

    I watched the whole show from the start.. It’s my opinion, that Chad Michaels should win.. she has brought her a-game everytime she stepped on that stage.. she isn’t a back stabbin bitch like Phi Phi and Sharon Needles.. So Chad if you read what everyone has to say.. YOU GO GIRL!!!!!

  • Dumdum

    I never am surprised by the length and breath of superficiality that infests the Gay subculture like a bad case of crabs. People in this world are dying and starving to death as well as a multitude of other maladies and all you queers can talk about are a bunch of tired queens.

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