What the Hell Has Rosie O’Donnell Been Doing?

From stand-up comedy to television host to magazine publisher to cruise director to View co-host, Rosie O’Donnell’s career has spanned plenty of major money-making opportunities. Also: Plenty of major opportunities to give that cash away with charity programs. With a focus on kids, she’s the new Michael Jackson! You know, minus the touching allegations. CBS News profiles Rosie’s remarkable giving back efforts — all the more remarkable given her own tumultuous childhood..

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  • Geoff M

    Is this recent? Seems like she gave so many answers I’ve heard before.

  • Namaste85

    this is so awesome. i have a new love for rosie now. especially being an actor/comedian myself

  • Nash

    Say what you will about Rosie but she has a huge heart!! I didn’t know that she had a tough time as a child. Great story and Troy Roberts is all that and more.

  • Janelle deFarir

    Yes, Rosie recycles content like it’s part of her job description. Even in her routines she refuses to remove Spanx jokes, and always says, “this is my first time wearing spanx”, when she has been wearing them for 3 years.

    I like her, but I often catch her in lies that I don’t even think she realizes she has said before. Two more examples: her co-star on her last movie told Tyra that a story Rosie kept telling about how they met did not happen and he wasn’t sure what she was talking about. Rosie was right next to him and turned bright red and said “well, i thought it happened.” Another lie she has told repeatedly, ” I told my accountant that if i ever get on the Forbes list, you’re fired.” This never occurred, but she keeps repeating it.

    I support Rosie, but I do not support these “untruths” that have become second nature to her.

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