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  • L.J.

    Anderson is all it needs to be called.

    I can’t wait for it to begin.
    We may be witnessing a milestone in broadcast history, and
    I mean this sincerely.

  • Ian

    @L.J.: OMG, sorry I almost retched from that comment just a little. I wonder if when he has free gift days that the audience members have to get into his “glass closet” to grab the prizes as they all whip about from air vents, all trying to escape from being grabbed into the light of day.

  • Kent

    I’m not quite as enthusiastic as L.J.
    but I am looking forward to this program.

  • ALEX

    I guess the history of successful gay talk show hosts (Rosie, Ellen, Merv) was too much for the network to ignore — so now there will be another.

  • jacknasty82

    I’m not a huge fan of that name to be honest. Even just calling it “Anderson Cooper” or “The Anderson Cooper Show” would have been better. But I guess that’s what people would end up referring to it as regardless so might as well.

  • khemminger

    Anderson can call his show whatever he wants, it sounds like it will be interesting, topical. It looks like we will have both the Anderson show and the Nate show to watch if we want to. I hear Rosie will be getting a show next year as well. Although, I hear the Nate show isn’t doing well in the ratings.

  • Mark

    Oh, yes!

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