What To Watch: ‘8th and Ocean’

Vinci_Bio.jpegSean_Bio.jpegWe can’t get enough of 8th and Ocean, MTV’s newest reality-TV parade of pretty people with problems, and we’re hungry for more. With Ocean, we follow the world of the Irene Marie modeling agency in Miami, as the models battle through life to prove they’ve got more than just a pretty face. Granted, certain members of the Queerty editorial staff used to live in Miami, and perhaps those memories are part of the allure–but not because we’re rehashing glory days gone by. This show reminds us of what “reality-TV” used to be: no stupid games, no votes, no eating bugs.

8th and ocean 2.jpegYes, there is the plentitude of skin and sexiness, requisite for any MTV offering these days; but watch carefully, and really it’s just a story, a glimpse into the lives of people we will probably never meet. Although if we did that would be cool, because they’re a very likeable bunch. Together we suffer the trials and tribulations of career-thwarting acne, and mean booking agents who make everyone work too hard. When the boys act like pigs, thinking they can get away with it because they’re pretty, we think Ha ha, we see you on TV, you won’t get away with it anymore. Although if they wanted to walk around in their underwear again, that would be alright. Because they most certainly are pretty. Oh yes, they are. The show is very good–it’s pretty “scripted,” much like its cousin Laguna Beach, but it works. It’s more like Baywatch, but with better writing. And if someone got eaten by a shark, you would actually feel a little sad.

8th and Ocean airs Tuesdays, 10:30 PM (9:30 Central) on MTV. (Repeats ten zillion times the rest of the week.)

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