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What Type Of Clients Should Hire Larry Craig As Their Lobbyist?

Larry Craig, the Idaho Republican shamed out of the Senate Kduring Bathroomgate, is now making a few bucks lobbying his old lawmaker pals. To be sure Craig’s firm New West Strategies, which he formed with partner Michael O. Ware, won’t confirm it’s actually lobbying public officials, which would require formal registration to comply with federal regulations; for now it just “provides strategic advocacy, advice and guidance to companies, trade associations and other clients on a broad range of federal and state legislative and regulatory issues.” And no wonder: Look at the C.V. Craig posted on the site. So what might Craig be good at pushing in the halls of power? Maybe convincing regulators there are no downsides to expanding JFK Airport in New York.

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  • divkid

    why, he sure is a priddy one aint he.

    cockroach-like these types are seemingly able to survive even nuclear pr conflagration.
    shamelessness is their superpower.

    also, does are lightbulb-headed friend not bear a striking resemblance to skeletor? even got the evil republican grin down pat!

  • justiceontherocks

    I was in the Minneapolis airport a couple of weeks after his “wide stance” incident. I had a long layover and stopped by the Larry Craig mens room. There’s a shoe shine stand right outside it and all the guys there remembered Mr. Craig very well. They said he was a complete jerk and threatened everyone. Class act.

    I also ran into the guy whose feet he touched. Not at all bad.

  • Randomhero

    At least he does not have to act like he owns the moral high ground any more. All the more reason why lobbying is the perfect job for a disgraced politician.

  • Cam

    Bathroom remodling companies?

  • thematics

    How about the company which makes tablets treating “Restless Leg Syndrome”?

    All that toe tappin’ and those suspicions on his wanton desires could have been prevented if he’d only heeded the TV adverts.

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