What Weber’s Murderer Did Afterward


We’ll soon know everything in the world about 16-year-old John Katehis, the confessed murder of former WABC radio anchor George Weber. A Craigslist hook up that turned into a savage stabbing soon became a scared kid running from the scene.

After the murder Friday, Katehis shed his bloody clothes and fled Weber’s pad in some of the victim’s duds – only to land in cop custody after a G train conductor spotted his bleeding left hand, Kelly said.

Katehis told cops at Elmhurst Hospital Center he cut his hand on a bottle, Kelly said.

Weber’s body wasn’t found until Sunday, so cops had no idea Katehis might be a killer. They let him go and he fled upstate to Middletown in Orange County, hoping to hide out at a friend’s house, Kelly said.

When cops nabbed him just before midnight Tuesday, Katehis was still dressed in Weber’s clothes and carrying a dagger that was not the murder weapon, Kelly said.

Katehis admitted stabbing Weber, a longtime WABC reporter, after answering an ad on craigslist looking for rough sex. [NYDN]

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