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What Were All These Pro-Equality People Doing In Fresno This Weekend?

By all the accounts streaming in to Queerty, Saturday’s Meet In The Middle rally for equality in Fresno, Calif., was a success. Famous people like TR Knight and Dustin Lance Black and Eric McCormack were there! Big time activists like Robin McGehee and Cleve Jones and Rick Jacobs and Robin Tyler were there! Public faces like Dan Choi and Christine Chavez were there! Sean Chapin put together the above montage, which at nearly eight minutes might already be pushing your attention span, but watch this thing so the next time you find yourself at a black tie gala sponsored by Gay Inc., you’ll realize it’s the people in this video who create real change, and not a president who breaks his promise to you.

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  • getreal

    I was there walked 15 miles in the sun met in the middle. We will win this if we work. OUT OF THE BARS INTO THE STREETS!

  • InExile

    March on Washington Oct. 10-11, should we book our flights now or wait for confirmation on these dates?

  • flightoftheseabird

    If you live in CA the march on washington is a stupid idea (I think it is a stupid idea in general). The ballot initiative will be on the ballot in 2010 (whether we like it or not) and we have a lot of work to do and not a lot of time (510+ days to be exact). We can’t be wasting anytime planning and attending some out-dated, ineffective march in DC. Instead, why doesn’t everyone come to CA for the weekend and knock on a hundred doors. If a million people did that, we could probably talk just about every single person in the state.

    @Getreal: Thank you for doing that. I was in attendance of the rally but could not do the march.

  • praenomenal

    Born in Visalia, CA. Lived in Fresno, Took classes and spoke in panels with Robin McGehee. I have never until this moment been proud of Fresno. Now in PDX it is weird.


  • christophe

    If anyone know of a site that has been set up for this proposed, or set March in October, could you please post it.

  • getreal

    @atdleft: I think I know you I think I have seen you before at any LA area event how funny! We did a canvass knocking on doors fter the march wow does that community need talking to.

    @flightoftheseabird: What a great event I also agree and appreciate your concerns I share a lot of them.

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