What Were Hollywood’s A-Gay Activists Doing All Together? Raising Cash For Maine


On the one-year anniversary of meeting to organize a “No On 8” fundraiser at grocery billionaire, Clinton friend, and skeeve Ron Burkle’s home, Perry Vs. Schwarzenegger spearheaders and Hollywood A-gays Chad Griffin and Bruce Cohen were holding a similar sort of fundraiser on Tuesday: one for Maine’s “No On 1” effort.

Tuesday’s private affair raised $50k, and all your favorite activist homos were there: Mark Walsh (Hillary Clinton‘s campaign primary gay), Paul Katami and Jeff Zarrillo (a pair of Perry plaintiffs in Ted Olson and David Boies’ lawsuit), Fred Karger (Californians Against Hate), Geoff Kors and Marc Solomon (Equality California), Rick Jacobs (Courage Campaign, pictured chatting with Griffin), Allan Hergott (entertainment lawyer), Skip Paul (video game and new media exec), Mary McCormack (actress), and Wendy Greuel (Los Angeles City Controller).

Ah, Hollywood, always having their hands in everything.