19-Year Old Awaits Asylum Word

What Will Become Of Gay Iranian Teen?

A gay Iranian remains in judicial limbo this morning. 19 year-old Mehdi fled his homeland two years ago and made his way to the United Kingdom for an education. He also decided to overstay his visa.

Upon their discovery, immigration officials plotted to send Mehdi back to Iran, where he’d surely be punished for his homosexuality. Obviously intent on remaining relatively free – and alive – Mehdi made his way to The Netherlands, where he’s currently waiting a judge’s word on his fate:

Mehdi had his “day in court” after the Dutch authorities wanted to return him to the UK – there was no suggestion of him being returned to Iran as the Government in the Netherlands has a moratorium on returning gays to Iran.

“My main worry is that if they send me to the UK, the Home office would try to send me to Iran without any further review in my case,” he said today in an email.

The judge in the Netherlands is now considering the case. She is expected to hand down her decision early in the New Year on whether Mehdi can stay in the country or has to be returned to the UK.

Mehdi and his lawyer hope the judge allows the teen to stay in The Netherlands. The United Kingdom, they fear, could still decide to deport his ass.