What Will Bravo (Actually) Name Its Whitewashed All-Gay Reality Show?

With Bravogay Andy Cohen assuring us the network’s homosexual housewives show will not be called From Top To Bottom (gross), what will the A-List competitor be called? If the group of faaaaaabulous gay men have their way, perhaps The Plastics.

That’s what the gaggle of men — seen here L-R: John Paul Fleming (rumored to be the seventh cast member), Kristopher Haigh, Jordan Carlyle, Kenneth Gillett, Mark Silver; not seen: Christopher Fawcett, Joey Giuntoli — already call themselves, apparently, in an homage to Mean Girls. Which is just the type of show cable television needs! (Cable television also needs another show set in New York City that features an all-white cast.) Of course, the show has to get the greenlight first; as of yet it hasn’t been officially picked up.

Other rumored names include A-Gays, The Real A-List, VIP:GAY:NYC, The A-Team, SocialistOs, The Gay Gangs of NY, and yes, The Real Househusbands of NYC. None of which I like. All of which I’d watch.