What Will Bravo (Actually) Name Its Whitewashed All-Gay Reality Show?

With Bravogay Andy Cohen assuring us the network’s homosexual housewives show will not be called From Top To Bottom (gross), what will the A-List competitor be called? If the group of faaaaaabulous gay men have their way, perhaps The Plastics.

That’s what the gaggle of men — seen here L-R: John Paul Fleming (rumored to be the seventh cast member), Kristopher Haigh, Jordan Carlyle, Kenneth Gillett, Mark Silver; not seen: Christopher Fawcett, Joey Giuntoli — already call themselves, apparently, in an homage to Mean Girls. Which is just the type of show cable television needs! (Cable television also needs another show set in New York City that features an all-white cast.) Of course, the show has to get the greenlight first; as of yet it hasn’t been officially picked up.

Other rumored names include A-Gays, The Real A-List, VIP:GAY:NYC, The A-Team, SocialistOs, The Gay Gangs of NY, and yes, The Real Househusbands of NYC. None of which I like. All of which I’d watch.

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  • TheInsider

    Andy Cohen is a disgrace to gays.

  • justiceontherocks

    @ The Insider – a disgrace to people, not just gay people.

  • Daez

    Perhaps they could call it “Stereotypical Homosexuals Providing ‘Evidence’ for the Christian Right” considering that is all that this show will be.

    You want to show a reality show about real gays then the place to do it is NOT NYC where there is nothing real about gays.

    This is just another show that most teens that actually see it will be disgusted by and think that being gay means they are just like those people on television and want to be anything but.

  • Michael

    Wow, plastic surgery much!!! The guy on the far right looks like Rocky Denis from the Mask. All they need is Cher to join the cast.

  • Chris

    It’s gonna be reality gold – and you messed up their names. (Giuntoli is not included in image. Silver is.)

    Also, Gillett looks Asain – not white.

  • Chris

    Also – Chris Fawcett is not in this image – but it’s FUNNY because he IS in the UNDERGEAR underwear ad flashing in the upper right of the banner of this site.



    Genius advertising placement???

  • RLS

    You know, we REALLY need ANOTHER all-white gay reality show. Because A-List and Real L Word weren’t enough.

  • Daez

    @RLS: What!?! You mean there are minorities that are homosexuals? I thought that is what the talk show circuit was for. Oh wait, the talk circuit is for minorities that “had gay demons exercised and are now ‘straight'”.

  • Cam

    Is it just me or do all these people look like the same guy?

    I’m not even talking racially, I mean they litterally all look like they went into the plastic surgeon with the same picture and said “Get me as close to this face as you can.”

    Creepy. Apparently Andy Cohen has a type.

    Either that or NYC has had a mass exodos of Blondes, Asians, Blacks etc… since I was last there.

  • Danny

    They should call it Joe Blow.

  • John (CA)

    Well, they have one Italian.

    There’s your racial diversity right there.

    And whenever television says “New York,” what they really mean is Manhattan. Technically, Staten Island has more whites per capita. But television thinks SI is in New Jersey.

  • DR

    Ugh. I can’t even address the diversity issue since I was stuck on the fact that a bunch of twenty- and thirty-something year old gay men insist on referring to themselves like high school girls. For real? I would want to watch them why?

    Thank God I no longer have Bravo.

  • Steve

    Why can’t TV just have the classy, typical guy who happens to be gay? Every TV shows has gay guys, not guys who are gay. You either have people like this or the A-List that are just whiny, bitches with something of an insatiable desire for all things flamboyant and camp 9The Plastics? Fuck.) or you have characters like Teddy or whatever from 90210 that are just SO DAMN CONFUSED AND ANGSTFUL AND LONELY AND DOWNRIGHT DEPRESSING.

    Seriously, where’s the TV show that has the high school quarterback come out of the closet and be completely confident with his life? What about grown men who don’t act like 14 year old girls and who don’t go shopping all the time and who don’t do stereotypical gay things? Aren’t these the characters and people we want young gay people to look up to?

  • Jeffree

    @John(CA). Their idea of diversity is two protestants, an ex-pagan, a catholic, a half-Jewish guy and an Italian guy who can pass for Latino from 7 feet away!
    Oh, and one of them may have dated an Asian guy once perhaps?!
    — — – — –
    Bravo is just trying to appeal to the least common denominator. Since Jersey Shore has been such a success over at MTV, they’re probably trying to see if they can sate America’s thirst for people from the upper east coast.

  • Americans=Rightwingers (John From England)

    1) Queerty cares about minorities? Or headlines?

    2) It sells, it sells, it sells.

    3) Which means more money to gay people.

  • scott ny'er

    @Steve: Sigh. Brothers and Sisters and Modern Family, to name 2.

    @Chris: That dude is so not Asian. He looks Italian or French to me and is hot. But, so not Asian. If at all, it’s like 1/4 Asian, but I doubt it.

  • Cam

    @scott ny’er:

    You may want to rethink Modern Family. The guy who places Cam has been getting so beyond over the top that it is getting irritating. At first they had him like sports, but funny enough, ever since the gay community won that battle to get them to kiss, …coincidentally he has become waaay more of the hyperventilating neurotic fluttering his fingers and freaking out at the smallest details. Guess they showed us.

  • myrios123

    The “golden girls” has already been taken so, maybe Bravo should call the show: “PHOBAR – PHOtoshopped Beyond All Recognition”

  • Daez

    @scott ny’er: Oh please. Kevin and Scotty are not exactly a role model for gay children. Kevin is a self obsessed narcissistic moron and Scotty is his yes man. The very idea of those two having a child is some place the show should have never went.

    The same exact things could be said for Modern Family and that couple, but at least they showed a heavy set gay male (I wasn’t aware those existed outside of “bear clubs.”)

    Personally, the fact that God made me gay was enough of an acknowledgment that I never needed to worry about children, but then again I’m not into the latest gay accessories like Ricky Martin and Niel Patrick Harris.

  • scott ny'er

    @Cam: I actually don’t watch Modern Family but kept hearing how ordinary they are. Thanks for the update.

    @Daez: I think that Kevin/Scotty are not your stereotypical gay couple. Are they like the Cosby’s, no? But really, most characters on TV are not your doctor/lawyer buttoned up, no flaws parents. It would be boring and Not Must See TV. The point was stereotyped gay characters and I think Kevin/Scotty are not your typical stereotypes. IMO.

  • Latebrosus

    (The) Queens of New York.

  • Jeff

    They should name the show POWER BOTTOMS (NYC) which they all are!

  • Jake


    LOL – if 2 of them have been dating for years (Jordan and Chris) – then how r they both power bottoms?

    And I know Joey’s ex bf of NINE YEARS – and Joey was DEFINITELY NOT the bottom in that 2sum – do trust me on this.

  • Cam


    Well you’ve actually finally made them sound a little bit interesting.

  • BR

    I love Joey Guinntoli. The rest of the group, not so much. I’d watch the show just to see him.

  • Jake

    @BR – u love (and presumably KNOW?) him so well that u cant even spell his last name correctly.




    A JOKE

  • Joe

    @Steve: “Degrassi: The Next Generation” currently has a gay quarterback who’s ALMOST completely confident with his life. I think he came out to his school the last time we saw him, but he hasn’t been in a new episode in quite a while.

  • Black Pegasus

    Thank goodness there aren’t any Black Men on this shitty show!

    You gals can have ALL of those stereotypical queens on the A-List and this new Bravo bullshit! Queerty already has it’s hands full Stereotyping Black Men. We sure as hell don’t need another Reality Show helping them out with the same ole minstrel shows.

  • Jeffree

    @Black Pegasus:
    When you use the word “gal,” who are you referring to?
    Kindly explain.

  • AugustLA

    You all are insane. You haven’t even seen the show and you’re passing judgment on every single one of them for their ethnicity, their physical features and throwing out VILE homophobia? So damn bitter. So damn tragic.

    Here’s my question. Ever watch BET? Ever watch some of the black characters in those shows, or how about the black woman on Real Housewives of Atlanta, or black people in black produced movies…these characters are not exactly always a pillar for class and dignity, yet black people support them and rally behind them. They realize it is good for black people to BE ON TELEVISION. Never do I hear black people complain about “oh, she’s giving us a bad name” but EVERY GOD DAMN TIME a gay person appears on t.v you gays on here rip them apart. You rip them apart for the most petty, juvenile, HOMOPHOBIC aspects. Like their mannerisms. And their looks. And now their race…

    Unlike other minority groups who celebrate each others succes, and exposure…gay people HATEEEEEEEEEEE the idea of another gay person getting more limelight than them. How often do you see Adam Lambert, Niel Patrick Harris, Ricky Martin, Andy Cohen, Elton John bashed to death on this site? pretty damn often. By you jealous, venemous, haters who have so much internalized homophobia you harbor that you can’t even recognize it.

    DAEZ: You’re the biggest religious bible thumping nut job on this site. If ANYONE should be shunned from being part of our community it’s YOU, the person who always argues Xtians have a right to speak out against gays, that our lack of equal rights does not have anything to do with Xtians, and that gays deserve to be treated like second class citizens by a MAN MADE crock known as “religion”….I’d take a chicken that eats at KFC more seriously than a gay man who is proudly religious, and shoves his (make belief) religion down people’s throats.

  • SteveAtlanta

    @Daez: You have no room criticizing any gay man for who he is, or how he is portrayed. You’ve made comments suggesting businesses have the right to deny gay fols service, and it’s not different than gay people boycotting those who don’t “get down and kiss our ass”
    You’ve made comments how gay folks need to stop arguing religious folks about our equality and instead go inward. You’ve made comments to consistently paint gays in a bad light and now you get off dictating the characters attributed to a decent human being, much less gay man? You’re a shark in a gold fish costume and I wholeheartedly agree with the poster above. You are not qualified to comment.

  • jack

    Exactly, Steve · (No. 13).

    As well, class-ism & snobbery are chronic, near pathological, among many gays who are desperate to push it in your face that they have the edge. Kills me to see Perez Hater presented as representing.

    Call this show “Survivor: Casting Couch”

    p.s. isn’t red-eye reduction standard on cameras these days?

  • IonMusic

    Oh, you guys are SO cool. Picking on the gays, while being gay, and making all sorts of generalizations toward all gays, while having a sense of entitlement that every gay that ever appears on television owes you something. Gosh, I wish I could be cool like you bullies. You have one single photo to go off and are having a field day taking every gay person that ever was and ever will be to town and making all sorts of ignorant ass comments…yet you’re pushing for “It gets better” campaigns to stop bullying? LOL!

    Newsflash. Not everyone who is gay is concerned with representing you. Not everyone who is gay wants to be a posterchild, or have the weight of “role modeling” on their shoulder, or gives a damn what an anonymous hater on some board says about their every detail. Not every show is about finding the next gay mother Teresa. If you’re soooo concerned about what hetrosexuals think, which many of you seem to be, go out there and represent YOU in the best way for you. Stop being relient on others to do that job for you. Stop feeling as though just because someone on television happens to sleep with the same sex like you do, they suddenly carry the torch to represent every characteristic in accordance to your approval. Skrew that crap! People are rightly living their own lives, doing their own thing, and it’s not for you.

    For all you holier than thou gays who are sooooooo above mainstream gays, do us all including yourselves a favor, embody the traits you wish others see in YOU without demanding every gay change their livelihood, likes, dislikes, mannerisms to appease some insecure stranger with a whistle. We have enough of that sh8t from hetros, we don’t need it from bored and insecure homos either.

    (I probably will not watch this show, nor any of those Housewive shows, but they have every right to do it, they owe you and I no explination and aren’t representing anyone but themselves. Saying otherwise is saying every woman on the Oxygen network represents all females. Sarah Palin on TLC represents all mothers. Black people all BET represent every African American. OJ Simpson, Michael Vick and Tiger Woods on ESPN represent all athletes. Gay people just like every other group of people come with different traits, yet all of a sudden a bunch of conservative gays wants every gay to be one in the same. NO.)

  • IonMusic

    @jack: Yes Jack. You’re right. Gays are alllll so snobby, and gross, and UHH…I HATE GAYS. Let’s start a protest. Wait, should we do it before or after the vote get equal, vote civil unions, vote marriage equality, vote repeal DADT, vote DOMA, vote hate crimes bill, vote pro gay rights marches?
    you can’t stand gays? think most of them are horrible, tragic human beings, why don’t you do something productive and either change it by joining an ex gay camp, or avoid gays. You obviously have a disdain for gays and chose to highlight exagerated negative qualities you precieve to be true in gays. You hate it so much…peace. I bet I can speak on behalf of all your friends who are probably over your “I hate gays” tirades; you won’t be missed. No one wants to sit through ignorance and hear how bad a minority group is, and no one ESPECIALLY wants to sit through ignorance, delusion and the craziness of someone who hates on a minority group to which they are a part of. Again, you don’t have to be. You can distance yourself as farrrrrrr away from us horrible gays as you want.

  • Jake


    U r a fool.

    jealousy is a VERY ugly thing.

    that’s all.

  • BR

    It was a typo. Giuntoli. Better? Oh, and fuck you.

  • Daez

    @Joe: Actually, I don’t think you can really call Reily confident with his life, especially since he has been more anti-gay than I sometimes appear to be, and from the tone of some people on this board I have more in common with Hitler than Milk.

  • Daez

    @AugustLA: I’m pretty sure you forgot DLB.

    If being part of “your” community means I have to tow the party line and not ever have an idea of my own that isn’t widely accepted by the “A-gays” than I very much welcome that shunning. Please, by all means, be my guest and bring it on. Of course, first there would have to actually be a gay community to shun me from, which there isn’t.

    When in the bloody hell did I EVER make the argument that Xtians have nothing to do with our lack of equal rights!?! Please, show me ONE time I made that statement.

    What I have said repeatedly is that CHRISTIANS (not XTIANS which is a term you STOLE from me to describe people such as Fred “Fucked Up” Phelps and his ilk) are not all anti-gay. Many of them have done much more to help the gay cause than most of the gay “activists.” When you realize that in order to get change in this country you will need to work through already established institutions (such as gay friendly churches) you will be much farther ahead. Let me assure you, the evils that were done by evil men in the name of God and Christ would have still been done by evil men if there was no God and Christ around to promote them. Stop blaming God and the Church for such acts.

    When the bloody hell did I ever say that gays deserve to be treated like second classed citizens? Where the hell is Jeffree to start bitching about reading comprehension when you need him? I have said that gays ARE treated like second class citizens by the very country that they are fighting to serve (see DADT and my criticism on the appeal of it being the number one thing the community is concerned with when DOMA, ENDA and marriage are all more important in my opinion).

    You are a sad excuse for a human being. You think all people that don’t agree fully with you are inherently evil. Its not even religion you are pissed at. Its everyone that doesn’t agree exactly with you. You are perfectly correct in saying that religion has been used to harm many through out the generations. However, religion itself is not harmful. I really feel kind of bad that you cant’ see that. Evil men use whatever excuse they can to do evil. Hitler abolished religion from Germany and did more evil than anyone before or since and yet religion is always to blame?

  • Daez

    @SteveAtlanta: Thankfully, I DONT NEED YOUR PERMISSION!

    Do you seriously think it helps the cause or makes some kid in middle America happy when we see yet another back stabbing, judgmental, self obsessed, beauty queen want to be “gay” male on television?

    If you do, then you seriously need help.

    Also, when the hell did I ever say we needed to go in. What I said was, we need to figure out a way to work together instead of trying to declare a war we will never win against a populous that in most cases needs more education not condemnation.

    On that front, shutting down businesses of decent hard working people (that are obviously fucked in the head about gays) is not going to help the cause.

  • matthew


  • jack

    @IonMusic: you wrote: “Gays are alllll so snobby…” – you obviously did not read my post with an intention to understand what I wrote, since you missed the qualifier I put in front of the word gays. Nowhere in my post is the word gross, or the other things you put in your reply.

    The rest of your histrionic rant I don’t understand Are you are projecting something internal of yours outwards onto others?

  • AugustLA

    @Daez: Daez, you are so cornered with that Bible of yours that the idea of us calling you Xtians out for what you really are has you up in arms. Never will the gay community stop exposing the hypocrisy of you Christians. never will we sit back and take no stance to a belief that has yet to be proven. When you die, nothing happens to you dear. You turn into dirt, but you have a right to believe otherwise, where you and the rest of you Xtians won’t get a free pass is by coming on OUR sites and pretending to be one of us all while excusing your vile behavior in the name of religion. If all the apples from the religion tree are bitter, than the root of the problem is solved my friend. Don’t get so defensive over the truth…the truth always sets us free. Now go back to creating another name to troll away and get called to the core for it.

  • cristen

    The mere thought of this reality show has me beyond excited, whatever the name may be (hopefully not “From Top to Bottom , TMI) I have longed for a birds eye view into Joey Giuntoli’s world. I have seen Joey throughout the years and have always wondered what it must be like to be him… A hot, charismatic,energetic,funny, fabulous,sexy gay man in NYC… And now I will know. Let’s watch the Leo walk. Yes, I know he is gay but a girl can dream can’t she…

  • Black Guy

    Did you think people would still watch if the cast wasn’t all white? I don’t think so. In media in general, everyone loves looking at white people. They have such nice hair.

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