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What Would Brian Boitano Do? Not Talk to the Gay Press, Apparently


Ice queen Brian Boitano has a new show on The Food Network called What Would Brian Boitano Make?. He is very busy promoting it! But just not to the gay press.

Boitano, whose career popularity can be attributed to an enormous gay following, insists he is not a homosexual. How lovely for him. But the homosexuals adore him, because he is this camp-y figure and would twirl around on those skates to ballads, and that’s all we apparently need from our athletes.

But in his second career coming, Boitano is a chef, or a male Martha Stewart, or something. His new television show has cameras rolling as he hosts friends as his place with various themes (“feeds an all-girl roller derby squad, plays matchmaker for a friend, wins over his handyman’s supper club, and plans a surprise party celebrating new motherhood,” according to a release). So of course the gays, who are already supposed to be well versed in all things food and Barefoot Contessa, are going to want to tune in.


The Food Network, however, would rather you not.

While trying to get some facetime with Boitano at a press event — yes, an event held to generate press and introduce reporters to the talent —’s Michael Jensen was rebuffed by the publicist. Supposedly it’s because Jensen wanted to ask personal questions about Boitano, but maybe when Jensen said he worked for a SCARY HOMOSEXUAL WEBSITE, Boitano’s handler remembered “We are trying to move this guy’s brand away from that demographic.”

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