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What Would Brian Boitano Do? Not Talk to the Gay Press, Apparently


Ice queen Brian Boitano has a new show on The Food Network called What Would Brian Boitano Make?. He is very busy promoting it! But just not to the gay press.

Boitano, whose career popularity can be attributed to an enormous gay following, insists he is not a homosexual. How lovely for him. But the homosexuals adore him, because he is this camp-y figure and would twirl around on those skates to ballads, and that’s all we apparently need from our athletes.

But in his second career coming, Boitano is a chef, or a male Martha Stewart, or something. His new television show has cameras rolling as he hosts friends as his place with various themes (“feeds an all-girl roller derby squad, plays matchmaker for a friend, wins over his handyman’s supper club, and plans a surprise party celebrating new motherhood,” according to a release). So of course the gays, who are already supposed to be well versed in all things food and Barefoot Contessa, are going to want to tune in.


The Food Network, however, would rather you not.

While trying to get some facetime with Boitano at a press event — yes, an event held to generate press and introduce reporters to the talent —’s Michael Jensen was rebuffed by the publicist. Supposedly it’s because Jensen wanted to ask personal questions about Boitano, but maybe when Jensen said he worked for a SCARY HOMOSEXUAL WEBSITE, Boitano’s handler remembered “We are trying to move this guy’s brand away from that demographic.”

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  • ggreen

    BB an uptight closet queen years after the parade has passed him by. Does he still hear the sound of one hand clapping?

  • RomanHans

    > “We are trying to move this guy’s brand away from that demographic.”

    Uh, then maybe stop buying his shirts at International Male.

  • cufflinks

    Are we sure he doesn’t just have a really really stupid publicist? When you are a man who ice skates for a living (and not for the purpose of playing hockey!) you are forced to deal with the gay question — whether you are openly gay, closeted or straight. Same goes for having a show on the Food Network. It seems odd to me that BB would still have a problem with this for any reason. It’s not like he’s running for political office in a red state.

  • Geoff M

    There is no way this guy is not gay. Even my twelve year old niece pegged him. (despite the article on queerty about gaydar losing its edge).

  • ChristopherM

    If the Food Network wants Boitano to avoid the gay issue, then they should start by tying down his jazz hands.

  • Fitz

    I don’t care if he sucks dick or not– working to avoid the gays means being a homophobe.. and I have zero use for them.

  • dontblamemeivotedforhillary

    Food network is for the unemployed…

  • terrwill

    HE IS NOT GAY!!! signed, Larry Craig

  • terrwill

    I AGREE HE IS NOT GAY!!! signed, Miss Lindsey Grahm

  • Synnerman

    Who needs Brian Boitano. I have “Total Drama Island” reruns and new episodes of “Total Drama Action.”

  • terrwill

    NO WAY HE IS GAY!!! signed, Matt Drudge

  • terrwill

    I COULD GO ON ALL DAY!!! signed, TerrWill

  • Dennis

    “We are trying to move this guy’s brand away from that demographic”

    Fucking hilarious! Exactly what ‘demographic’ are they trying to move his brand to? I mean, sure, the straight audience for lisping, out-of-the-limelight former Olympic skaters must be ABSOLUTELY HUGE and all, but I would caution them not to overlook the gays as a vital audience for Food Network programming. Hello??!!

    BB needs to be out and proud, no other way for this big queen to go. If he tries the closeted and silent route, and he will just appear as a joke…and ‘Jungle Red’ claws are gonna come out after his hypocritical ass.

  • unreligious

    why would anyone watch his food show anyway? What does he really know about food has he worked in a restaurant or any other food industry. He’s just another has been who thinks the world is waiting for what ever idiocy to come out of his mouth. He doesn’t want a Gay audience? Good we won’t listen to this know nothing, see how fast his show is withdrawn for bad ratings.

  • Bobby

    I’m seriously not trying to be mean but girlfriend looks sick in the way a few friends of mine look who have HIV/AIDS.

    On a side-note, I’m always so embarrassed for guys who are so obviously gay who claim they’re straight. Do they really think anyone is fooled by their denial?

  • bernardvanburen

    i had no idea he insists that he’s not gay! what a joke!

  • schlukitz

    Borrrring. Signed, Schlukitz.

  • Cam


    Dennis, I read this article, got annoyed and was going to post a comment…..but you nailed it perfectly. LOL

  • Tommy


    I had that thought, too. What qualifies him to have a food show? I like the Food Channel, but I’m kind of disappointed in them choosing him. Most of their hosts have a background in restaurants or cooking and know what they’re talking about. They usually don’t have people who are just famous for being famous or famous in another area.
    I like to cook in my kitchen, too, but I doubt they would give me a show. Why does Brian get one?

  • Tommy

    I don’t think he is required to declare his sexuality. I hate that outing stuff. But I have a problem with him avoiding the gay press and saying he’s against working that demographic.
    Straight people do interviews with the gay press all the time. They respect the gay audience. Why can’t Brian?
    If he doesn’t want to answer personal questions, he shouldn’t have to. But that doesn’t mean he should avoid the gay press. It makes no sense, since the straight press is just as likely if not more to ask him personal questions about his sexuality and relationships.
    If you’re a celebrity and you’re doing press, you will be asked personal questions. If you can’t deal with that, then don’t be in the spotlight.

  • joe

    Gee, Brian is not gay….hmmmmm must be my imagination back in the 90’s when Me and my partner at the time.
    (a very handsome muscle bear)
    Befriended a out and proud fellow figure skater of his.
    and we were introduced to dragon breath Brian.
    and behind my back would beg my Ex to sleep with Him.
    Tell I had to get all Whitney on his tired ass.
    and tell Him not to hold his breath.
    It ended all friendships with the all Ice Queens.
    But who gives a Rat’s Ass. at least I got to meet Dorothy H….

  • Frank

    I call bullshit. One publicist rebuffing one interview from one media outlet does not equal “not talking to the gay press.”

  • Robert

    Are you serious Mary! Give up the ghost Miss Thing-we’ve known you were gay from day one when you took to the ice with that costume that looked as if it had come from Liberace’s closet. Get over yourself, and come out of the closet already! No personal questions? You’re in the public eye trying to promote a TV show-of course there are going to be personal questions! You can run but you can’t hide girl.

  • Tommy

    But just because someone is an ice skater, it doesn’t necessarily follow that they are gay.
    Aren’t some people being a little stereotypical here? I don’t know the guy, so I don’t know if he is gay or not.
    We don’t say all football players are straight because it’s considered a macho sport. Just like there can be gay football players there can be straight ice skaters.
    I don’t watch ice skating that much, but the times I’ve seen him skate he wasn’t wearing anything too outrageous or feminine. He was wearing a shirt and pants, not the frilly sparkly outfits the others were wearing.

  • schlukitz


    Like Cam, I too am on the same page with you.

  • Dennis

    Tommy, honey…Brian Boitano is suuuuper-dooper, extra-special, queer-as-a-three-dollar-bill gay. He opens his mouth, and the purse falls out gay…he’s Tom Cruise getting f*ucked by Will Smith gay. Look at the damn picture of him pouring the orange juice…GAY!

    And he’s never been very out and/or proud. True, he’s a bit older, and I know made his mark at at time when very few, if any, athletes in ANY sport were out. And no, it’s not ‘mandatory’ for him to be a role model, or to be a community spokesperson…just as it’s not mandatory for me to have much respect for him, or to watch his show if he keeps up with the semi-closeted crap.

    I contrast him with Greg Louganis, who has been open, and honest, a community advocate and an outspoken gay athlete, and BB just seems kind of pathetic to me.

  • WTF?

    Though familiar with him in passing, I had never really paid attention to him. Then yesterday, while I was watching food porn, I saw his promo. His mouth opened, a purse fell out, and I just assumed… But maybe he is straight. I suppose there have to be some extremely sassy gals out there who can cook, coordinate, and love some vajayjay. Perhaps he is one of them… though I doubt it.

  • Roger Rabbit

    Yeah, I’ve heard the BB sex stories forever from firsthand friends.

    Sorry, but I have NO time for sad closet cases who have been so openly out with his friends but refuses to stand up for all of us. This gurl has been ADAMANT about how “he is str8 and so are most of his other skater friends”. With his attitude, everything he makes will be overdone on the outside and rotten on the inside.

  • Scott

    I’ve always preferred Brian Orser. In the Olympic “battle of the Brians” I thought Orser did a better job and was robbed of the gold medal. Plus he’s much better looking.

  • gMAN

    Holy crap, stumbled across this site after my wife was asking the question about BB. Never realied that so many gays are whiners and doctors, I mean y’all claim it’s genetic and then blamo all of sudden you can tell without question that a guy who is extremely effeminate is gay. And you call homephobes (which again is your own judgementalism coming out) judgemental.

  • Lukas P

    GMAN: Use whatever excuse you need to visit a site called QUEERTY. We’ll cover for you. Give our best to your “wife,” because I’m sure your secrets are safe from her.

  • schlukitz

    No. 31 · Lukas P

    Aw. Go easy on gMan.

    After all, it’s not his fault that he came off the assembly line as the budget priced model without gaydar.

    Some guys have it. Some never will. ;P

  • Ted B. (Charging Rhino)

    If I remember, both Boitano and Orser were both in the restaurant business when they completed in the Olympics.


    OK, I just saw Msss Thang on TV as this skaters mentor. Baby is not looking good. I refer you all to an earlier comment from one of our brothern.

  • BrianIsGay

    If he talks like a gay man, walks like a gay man & acts like a gay man…………HE’S A GAY MAN!!! Brian Boitano is a self-hating gay man.

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