What Would You Do Goes Back To The Queer Well With Scenario Involving Children Of Gay Parents


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As the gay movement moves toward full equality, the fight against discrimination appears to be an ever-shifting battleground. With an increasing number of gays and lesbians are starting families, more kids are finding they must “come out” as the child of queer parents.

ABC News’ hidden-camera show What Would You Do?—which seems to tackle LGBT issues weekly—is airing an episode this Friday that tests the responses of bystanders when they see children being bullied for having gay parents. Actors were hired to play the adopted children of a same-sex couple as well as a “bully” who lays into the boys when their dads walk away.

By and large, WWYD‘s coverage of gay topics—which has included a parent verbally abusing her trans child, a gay young man being pushed into reparative therapy and a lesbian refused service at a bridal shop—has been positive, with members of the public stepping in to defend the fictitious subjects. But we worry that constantly depicting queers as victims of abuse and oppression is sending a message to the rest of America that we’re kinda, well, pathetic.

Or maybe we’re just being oversensitive. What do you think? Reveal yourself in the comments section.

What Would You Do? airs Friday, March 30, at 9PM EDT on ABC.


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