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  • m

    Summertramp looked like a full-tilt boogie of a Hard French rip-off with that hanging sign! Leave it to LA to rip off SF and take all the credit!

  • Red Meat

    I would wear more but appreciate those wearing less.

  • jjkeyes

    I love this.

  • alex

    @m @m: really?…you’re gonna rag on a slip’n’slide wielding, water-gun toting party ripping off the SIGN from a 60s soul dance party and say they’re trying to take all the credit?

    credit for what exactly? cardboard cutouts?

    sign freedom for all!

  • Tony

    They need to do this in a city like Dallas. Lots of gays and no beach. I think this would go over huge there.

  • Scott Gatz

    #18 is simply disturbing. IF I were still a child, nightmares would be made of that.

  • wehoJeff

    Bumping into #18 while waiting for the bathroom has given me nightmares.

  • Spike

    Looks pretty tragic. Wonder how they got all those circuit boys out in the middle of the day, must not have been any parties that weekend.

  • Jovon

    Summertramp is is the quintessential L.A. summer party!

  • JPH

    LOL at @Spike talking all cunty like from his B-hole. This party is the antithesis of anything “circuity.” Did you even look at the pictures? Do you even know what a circuit party looks like?

  • Inspector X

    I was at Summertramp and had a blast hanging with hipsters and other assorted members of the dowtown crowd. It was a refreshing change up from the WeHo bar/clubs.

    I may have been overdressed for the occasion, but this was great and it really should be more than once a month.

  • rob

    I attended Summertramp and have to say that the best part about the party was the diversity of the guests. Everyone was free to fly their freak flag whether gay, straight, curious, tranny, hipster, butch, queen, or born again fabulous. That’s the beauty – no one out to judge whether you fit the demographics. I feel sorry for Spike and that sour attitude and comment #1 and his/her/it feeling of insecurity about a gawddamm sign! People, there is enough hate outside our community – why support it with yours?

  • TheRealMannequinAdam

    @m: Leave it to SF to be jealous of L.A. and claim they’re being ripped off.

  • a-

    Why do people hate on how much fun we have in LA? Sorry you don’t get it.

  • brad


    SF is so tired. your parties are still hanging on from 10yrs ago. you have no art movement, your food is blah. everyone dresses sloppy. and all you do is hate on LA cause you aint LA.



  • JPH

    @rob: Extremely well said and accurate Rob!! I loved it…major diversity!

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