What You Didn’t See at Obama’s Press Conference: Anything Gay


Swine flu! Abortion! Immigration! Torture! Iraq! All were hot topics last night at President Barack Obama‘s third press conference since moving into the White House. He artfully dodged some questions (i.e. abortion and torture) and managed to score a few laughs. But what did zero reporters ask him about? Gay rights. And it’s not like he was going to bring it up on his own, given his history of near radio silence on the matter. Yes, yes, we’re only 100 days into his term, and he’s got other things to do. But Obama made it clear, even in jest, that if he could handle just “Iraq, Afghanistan, North Korea, getting health care passed, figuring out how to deal with energy independence, deal with Iran, and a pandemic flu,” then he would “take that deal.” Huh. Guess that whole civil rights thing remains a non-priority. Got hope?