Awkward AF

What’s Anderson Cooper’s biggest turn-on? Andy Cohen knows.

Andy Cohen and Anderson Cooper have been friends for over two decades, ever since they went out on a slightly disastrous date in the ’90s.

So let it suffice to say they have more than enough dirt on each another to make things intensely awkward at a moment’s notice, should they so choose.

And so choose they do.

Cooper’s appearance on a recent episode of Watch What Happens Live culminated in a guessing game in which he was asked a series of personal questions in front of a studio audience.

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Things reached maximum awkwardness after guest Olivia Wilde asked what Cooper’s biggest turn-on is.

He balked, refusing to answer the question.

But Cohen knew the answer and immediately blurted it out.

We imagine Cooper had words for Cohen shortly after the show aired.

Find out the answer below:

1:30 mark: