Awkward AF

What’s Anderson Cooper’s biggest turn-on? Andy Cohen knows.

Andy Cohen and Anderson Cooper have been friends for over two decades, ever since they went out on a slightly disastrous date in the ’90s.

So let it suffice to say they have more than enough dirt on each another to make things intensely awkward at a moment’s notice, should they so choose.

And so choose they do.

Cooper’s appearance on a recent episode of Watch What Happens Live culminated in a guessing game in which he was asked a series of personal questions in front of a studio audience.

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Things reached maximum awkwardness after guest Olivia Wilde asked what Cooper’s biggest turn-on is.

He balked, refusing to answer the question.

But Cohen knew the answer and immediately blurted it out.

We imagine Cooper had words for Cohen shortly after the show aired.

Find out the answer below:

1:30 mark:

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  • Smith David

    I’d love to see the silver fox let down his guard just once. I know he has to keep a certain decorum for the sake of his profession. However, it would be nice to just see him fully relaxed.

    • Ruhlmann

      And naked.

    • Smith David

      LOL..yes. I suppose.

    • Alan down in Florida

      Andy has repeatedly indicated he is a top. I’d bet that Anderson is also a top and that may be why they have been friends for over 20 years. Nothing like sexual incompatibility to to base a friendship on.

    • Alan down in Florida

      That’s what’s so wonderful about Anderson’s partnership with Kathy Griffin. She makes him behave like a little schoolgirl.

    • SFHandyman

      I have a feeling it might be related to his being a Vanderbilt also. His Mom was quite elegant and restrained.

  • Spike

    The first time the two hooked up, who was the bottom?

    1 . . . . 2 . . . . . 3 . . . . . .?

    • judysdad

      What a dumb question. Hard as it may be to believe, there are quite a few guys who don’t subscribe to the outdated and ridiculous notion of top/bottom. Some like mutuality…and, gasp, quite a few don’t even like anal sex.

  • Terrycloth

    Anderson is great on CNN. Take him out of that and he’s a wreck..never shuts up..Andy Cohen loves the sound of his own voice too…it must be some show with those too queens..I’m getting a headache already

  • gary69mike

    I’d take Andy, HANDS DOWN. Hot AF! Talks a little too much but, what do you expect.

  • ErikO

    AC is a total passive bottom and is rumored to love it raw and be HIV+

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