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What’s up with Don Jr.’s weird obsession with Pete Buttigieg?

Don Jr. took a break from posting batsh*t crazy videos on Facebook to fly down to Texas to speak at his dad’s rally over the weekend, where he launched a bizarre attack against Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg.

On Saturday, Jr. spoke at his dad’s rally in Conroe, Texas, during which he took a moment to rail against Buttigieg for taking paternity leave after the birth of his twins, Penelope Rose and Joseph August, last year.

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“If you’re a male kindergarten teacher and you take paternity leave, I think that’s wonderful I couldn’t care less,” Jr. said. “If you’re the secretary of transportation, you get your ass to work!”

“It’s not that hard of a concept. When millions, tens of millions, hundreds of millions of people depend on you, you show up.”

Buttigieg took about four weeks off last August after adopting the twins with his husband.

At the time, he was blasted by “family values” conservatives who felt a dad taking time off to be with his newborns was unacceptable. Fox News’ resident homophobe Tucker Carlson mocked Buttigieg for “trying to figure out how to breastfeed.”

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This isn’t the first time Don Jr. has gone after Buttigieg.

During the 2020 Democratic primaries, he was widely ridiculed when he tweeted a statement from Mayor Pete’s campaign website that he clearly hadn’t read, misrepresented what it said entirely, then attacked Buttigieg for not knowing more about major historical events, like “the collapse of the Berlin War”.

Jr. also went after Buttigieg for his stance on HIV transmission laws, accusing him for wanted to make it “legal to knowingly give someone HIV” in 2019.

“THIS IS INSANITY!!! Where does it ever stop with the left and their crazy agenda? In what world is this anything less than sick and deranged?” he tweeted. “Pete Buttigieg thinks it should be legal to knowingly give someone HIV.”

Prior to Saturday’s speech in Texas, Don Jr. took his 12-year-old son to a gun factory, where he purchased the child an AR-15 rifle.

Here’s how people on Twitter are responding to the whole thing…

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