What’s Everybody Saying In 140 Characters About Adam Lambert?


“Totally blown away last night on American Idol by Adam Lambert’s marvelous channeling of Led Zeppelin. Wore down the redial on our phone.” —jaguarjulie

“Adam Lambert looks like a cross between Edward Scissorhands and Elvis.”—Sweetpea444

“Adam Lambert KILLED Whole Lotta Love on Idol last night. Not many folks could take on a LedZep standard” —melodyjolly

• “Silver wants to trade $14/oz…Pakistan turmoil helping metals prices.How ’bout Adam Lambert Zeppy cover.. head and shoulders above the rest” —NumismaticMan

• “@clawdiarawrr clod, adam lambert keren bgt tadi. yg nyanyiin beatles jg, trus dia lucu. yes i am watching american idol xD” —damnitspirate

“If Adam Lambert doesn’t win American Idol, there may be a Swine Flu outbreak in the USA, can that actually happen?” —CarlosBaez

“and who’s adam lambert, again?” —yourethevoice

“Explain to me why Adam Lambert is popular on AI? Anyone else thinks he just screams a lot? We can’t have him on the radio” —davdphotography

“Hoping adam lambert gets voted off idol tonite but sadly knowing it won’t happen” —lclever