Love bomb

What’s it going to take for Nico Tortorella to land his own show?

Nico Tortorella doesn’t shy away from real talk. Tune in to his popular podcast, The Love Bomb, and you’ll hear the 28-year-old actor delving into life’s intimate details — whether it’s picking apart the difference between being bisexual vs. ‘sexually fluid’ (for the recored, Tortorella is bi), or inviting his ex, Kyle Krieger, onto the show to discuss their former relationship.

Now Tortorella is working to adapt The Love Bomb into a TV show, and we say bring it on.

The Younger star is great to listen to on sluggish commutes or on a long treadmill jog to nowheresville, but we don’t have to tell you that he’s most certainly camera-ready.

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He recently told Paper Magazine that he’s shopping the idea around to various TV and streaming networks. “We’re everywhere from Vice to Netflix, to MTV, to, fingers crossed, HBO. That is the most exciting thing right now,” he said.

We certainly won’t be mad if he lands a deal somewhere — good luck!

#TheLoveBomb season two is going to be lit. special thanks to @levis for this fired up denim. @atwillradio #niconiconico

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