What’s Happening at the ‘Secret’ Gay Activist Retreat in Knoxville?


We’re hearing a slew of gay rights leaders and organizers from across the nation are holed up near Knoxville at a “secret” retreat at the Highlander Research and Education Center. Among attendees: Kip Williams and Robin McGeHee (above, on L and R), who defected from Equality Across America in November, along with other NEM organizers and regional activist group leaders. Also, according to one tipster, this is supposedly an “all-expenses paid queer gathering”; might this be that new, SECRET Gill Foundation-funded organization we’ve been hearing about? Mabes!

Either way, it sounds like there’s some closed doors, cigar-smoking power playing going on in the shadows, and we wanna know who’s there, who’s footing the bill, whether Pepsi or Coke is being served, and most importantly, what’s the goal?