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What’s HRC Fighting About With the ACLU?


The ACLU and HRC are fighting over whether the Senate’s version of the Matthew Shepard Act — which passed complete with death penalty possibilities — violates free speech rights. As you’re aware, there’s nothing we love more than seeing our civil liberties groups spar over constitutional issues!

The ACLU insists the Senate’s version (but not the House’s, which it supports) doesn’t go far enough in guaranteeing First Amendment protections. The wrong URL visit could catch a suspect in a hate crimes charge. (Sorry, no more social networking on NewSaxon.org.)

But the Human Rights Campaign counters: that’s not true. Both the Senate and House’s bills provide adequate protections, insists HRC. (Interestingly, the Senate also passed an amendment via cloture for the sole purpose of indicating the bill does not violate the First Amendment.)

But when a special committee works out the kinks between the two different bills, the ACLU wants the House’s version passed, while, uh, HRC will “applaud” either, or something.

Otherwise … anti-gay conservatives will win!

(NB: And speaking of conservatives, the Log Cabin Republicans “applaud” the Senate’s passage of the bill.)

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  • Paul

    When you have to stoop to making fun of STANDARD PRESS RELEASE LANGUAGE to find something bad to say about HRC, you’re reaching pretty low there. Find something interesting to say, please.

  • galefan2004

    One does absolutely nothing for gays other than taking their money and the other spends money to represent members of NAMBLA. Hmm, the only question in this argument is who is more detestable. Right now I’m going to say the ACLU.

  • Sam

    @galefan2004: I’d think you’d be thanking the ACLU, since they defend your right to express your white supremacist views.

    @Paul: That’s the point. It IS HRC’s standard press release. They “applaud” because they don’t actually do anything themselves. It’s really amazing how quickly they sent out their press releases “applauding” the passage of marriage equality in Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine – efforts they had nothing to do with, but still issued releases about, to try to seem relevant by association.

    You’d think in this instance they’d do more than “applaud,” since they’ve finally – gasp! – done something. But perhaps their flacks are so used to spinning every release to “re-frame” their lack of involvement in LGBT progress that they couldn’t process the new perspective.

  • bring back thumbnails

    Is anyone else totally over the HRC?

  • The Gay Numbers

    no but i am over the commentors on this site. see you later.

  • TANK

    @The Gay Numbers:

    Don’t go! We haven’t had dessert yet! Don’t forget the consolation prize of assorted shaped soaps, shampoo/condition and bath towels.

  • Lurp

    @Paul: @Sam:

    are you serious? you sound like an ignorant couch potato finger waver who has no idea what they’re talking about. If you want to find out what HRC does try asking people who work there or even better look around on their site.


    but…but they used ‘applaud’!!!!


    I find it hilarious Sam had to resort to ad hominem in order to respond to your comment.

  • TANK


    Yeah, damn the aclu and the bill of rights…our civil liberties are nothing compared to your vapid, brainless right wing screeds.

  • Sam

    @Lurp: I know what HRC does! They pass all that fabulous LGBT rights legislation that’s been coming out of DC for decades, right? Oh wait…

    And, btw, I wasn’t “responding” to racistfuck2004 with an ad hominem. I don’t really care which org he likes better. I was just commenting on the irony of a white supremacist hating the ACLU.

  • toyotabedzrock

    I don’t want the death penalty attached to any bill supporting my rights!

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