What’s It Like For A Gay Man To Date Women? Ask These Guys

Since most gay kids are brought up under the assumption that they’re straight (and our heteronormative mass media doesn’t do any favors), it’s no surprise that dating girls is a common first step in gay sexual discovery.

Everyone expects it, so we just sort of go with it. Plus when you’re young, any thought of sex is exciting, so why not with a girl?

We’re sure the majority of Queerty readers have dated a female or two in their day. It can be quite the confusing experience.

We asked Whisper to gauge what they’ve been seeing on the topic.

Here’s what they found:

Before coming out I dated several girls to try and make the thought of being gay go away. A religious education will do that to you...

I dated a few girls in  high school before coming out. I never slept with  them but I wish I did just  to see what it's like.

Before I came out, I would fantasize about guys  while having sex with  my girlfriend.... Just so  I could tolerate it

I would kiss girls when  I was younger but never  go further than that because I would get too grossed out. Don't think anyone was that  surprised when I  came out!

The hardest conversation  I ever had was telling my girlfriend that I was cheating on her with a  guy. We had been together for a long time but I  wasn't out yet.

I went out with a few different girls years before I was out. I feel weird saying this but  the sex actually wasn't that bad.

I dated a girl for a month once but then realized I couldn't fool anyone trying to act straight. How embarrassing

I'm gay, but I can't see myself with a man.  I've only dated girls before

I was never sure how to tell my girlfriend that I didn't want to get an off campus apartment with her so we just broke up. I happily came out shortly after that.

Before I came out as gay, when I was having sex with a girl I was thinking about a guy.

I had a girlfriend, we went to my room, we made out, I didn't feel a thing, I told her I was gay. Imagine the rest...

 I think I'm gay, my girlfriend will hate this but I gotta find out if I would like being with a guy as much as I like to fantasize about it

I remember the first  time my girlfriend asked  if I was gay and I said no  as I was sending pictures of my butt to anther  guy... oops

I'm a gay guy who had sex with a girl. Vaginas are gross

I used to not want to be gay so I dated girls for years while suppressing my feelings for men. I regret it now but couldn't be more proud to be out.

When I was in high school  I got a girlfriend to convince my parents  that I was straight. Looking back I realize  how dumb I was