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What’s It Like to Have Sex With Adam Lambert? Chris Rushton Knows

Chris Rushton is a 19-year-old nursing school student who uploads videos of himself lip-syncing to American Idol performances. Sometimes he takes us on shopping adventures. He’s cute, he’s adorable, and he got it on with Adam Lambert.

Little did we know our YouTube crush slept with one of the world’s most famous gay singers. Who he also sort of looks like.

After meeting through a mutual friend (and then over text message) and learning they were both going to audition for American Idol, the duo finally met up at the San Francisco auditions. As we all know, Adam went on from there; Chris didn’t. They went their separate ways, but that wasn’t the end of their encounters. Adam met up with Chris at a nightspot he said he was going to, one thing led to another, and Adam drove Chris back to his place. In his black Trans Am. The rest, they say, is sexistory.

[flv: 650 300]

(Scroll to 19:10 for the Adam portion)

So what was the sex like? “I tried really hard,” says Chris jokingly during a Feast Of Fun interview. “I wanted to impress him.”

Was the sex good? “It was. I really can’t complain. I didn’t expect to … [bottom, haha].”

Would he hook up with Adam again? “Yeah. … He can grow a full chest of hair. I rolled over and there was a line of eye liner on me in the morning.”

Well then isn’t this clip just terribly apropos: