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What’s It Take to Make a Calvin Klein Ad ‘Pornographic’? A Hot Guy

*Nov 03 - 00:05*

Calvin Klein’s outdoor advertising isn’t there to sell product all by itself — it’s meant to generate free publicity and millions of gratis media impressions from all the controversy it creates. And it’s managing to do so with a single billboard in NYC’s SoHo neighborhood. But funny thing: “Neighbors” supposedly only get upset when there’s a hot guy appearing next to her.

A previous SoHo billboard showing three dudes and a lady in casual erotica was yanked after complaints — and replaced with a tamer creative, showing a single dripping wet female.

Now Eva Mendes’s campaign ad, shot by Steven Klein, is causing controversy! Despite an equally provocative Times Square billboard showing Eva solo, this one — that has her grabbing for male model Jamie Dornan’s neither regions — is giving one newspaper an opportunity to quote passers-by calling the billboard “pornography.”

Indeed, Calvin Klein’s spots only become pornographic when male models are introduced to look wholly uninterested in their female partners.