What’s It Worth To NOM To Oust D.C. Councilman David Catania’s Ticket? So Far Just $1,900

If operations like Tim Gill’s Fight Back New York are targeting lawmakers voting against LGBT equality, you can be damn sure endorsers of discrimination have their own plans to oust pro-gay legislators. And that’s exactly what the National Organization for Marriage is doing in Washington D.C.

Just like its California efforts, NOM is going after D.C. City Councilman David Catania, who backed the city’s gay marriage law, by supporting the campaign of the Rev. Anthony Motley in this year’s City Council election. And while onlookers might brush off any challenge to Catania, whether it’s NOM-backed or not, it’s worth noting where a campaign’s donations are coming from.

In the case of Motley, so far it’s Jan. 29’s $950 donation from “The National Organization for Marriage, PPC,” and Feb. 1’s $950 donation from “The National Organization for Marriage, Inc.” Look at that; some campaign finance laws do affect NOM!