Love is a battlefield

What’s it like to date when you have Tourette’s syndrome? This man explains.

So you think dating sucks? Try dating when you have Tourette’s syndrome.

Damian Friel is a mental health nurse from Derry in Northern Ireland. He also has Tourette’s.

“A lot of people will say they don’t really care, or that I seem like a nice person, and they just want to meet me anyway,” 26-year-old Damian says to Gay Star News.

Once they meet him, however, their feelings often change.

Damian explains that he recently arranged to meet a guy for drinks. The guy never showed. Or so he thought.

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“It turns out then after he met up with one of my other friends, that he saw me,” Damian says. “He saw me ticking. He thought I was crazy and walked away.”

In hindsight, Damian says he dodged a bullet.

“He’s not someone I would even want in my life as a friend, and not someone I would value a friendship with if they’re going to judge someone on a physical disability.”

Damian recently went on a date with a guy for the U.K. reality show First Dates, which follows people around on blind dates. He was paired up with a super cute guy named Kai.

“[Kai] didn’t bad an eyelid,” Damien says. “He just ignored it and carried on with the date. It just shows for people’s characters.”

Watch it all unfold below…