What’s Missing From David Mixner’s 5 Guidelines to Giving This Christmas? Gay Inc.


Barack Obama critic David Mixner has five pretty reasonable tips on how, and who, to give to this holiday season to effect political change. On Santa’s naughty list: The DNC, DSCC, DCCC, and probably any other group with a “D” and “C” in it, because “[t]hey will use the funds to not only elect our allies but also Blue Dog Democrats. Even if they set up a ‘special committee’ for us that will enable them to loosen funds for candidates who are opposed to our freedom.” On the nice list: LGBT candidates who actually fight for LGBT rights. And curiously missing from Mixner’s list? Any mention of Gay Inc. groups like HRC, GLAAD, or NGLTF. Oh, maybe David did give a nod to them, with Tip No. 5: (emphasis ours)

“Contribute to defeating our enemies at the local level which is a very powerful message to send those that oppose us.”

Or maybe we’re just reading too much into this.