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What’s More Frightening: Middle-Aged Religious Bigots, Or Grade School Religious Bigots?

Joshua, who describes himself as “A Christian And I Make Videos Mainly About Religion, But I Try To Give A Good Variety Of Videos,” this week decided to tell YouTube about his beliefs on gay marriage. Namely, about how he wants it outlawed, and how “being gay is a serious sin. Or in God’s eyes, it’s a crime. So stop it. It’s not funny.” We fear posting this video on Queerty will bring out all kinds of bashing of this little boy, which, truly, is not our intent (and we will remove you from Queerty immediately if you head down that road). Because kids are kids. And by definition, they are naive, and that’s how they are supposed to be, because they do not yet have life experience or proper answers to questions. But this clip is a handy piece of evidence of why schools should, absolutely, engage kids in dialogue about gay families, despite “religious” reasons not to.

So little boys like Joshua do not grow up to become adults like Joshua. And instead grow up to become more like, well, this little boy.