The Gay Knight Rises

What’s next for Pete Buttigieg?

Just 48 hours after the Associated Press and various other news outlets declared Joe Biden the winner of the 2020 Presidental Election, speculation has already begun as to the cabinet Biden plans to assemble. Said cabinet, no doubt, will include a number of other high-profile figures from the 2020 election, and eyes have already fallen on one of the Democratic Party’s rising stars: former South Bend, Indiana Mayor Pete Buttigieg.

If appointed to Biden’s cabinet, Buttigieg will become the first openly gay cabinet official in US history, though the openly gay Richard Grenell did serve as a temporary National Security Avisor–a position he never officially held. Already several key political commentary outlets–including Axios and Politico–have begun to speculate over a Buttigieg appointment. The President-elect developed a close friendship with Buttigieg during the campaign, and has pledged to include him in his future cabinet.

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Axios sees Buttigieg as nabbing the coveted Ambassador to the United Nations role–a job the former mayor has reportedly told friends he’s keen to land. Both Axios and Politico have also mentioned Buttiegig as head of Housing and Urban Development, the head of Veterans Affairs, or leading the Office of Management and Budget. Given Buttigieg’s own service in the armed forces and multi-lingual background, the former Mayor would meet the qualifications of any aforementioned position.

Then again, Buttigieg may have his eyes set on another Presidential run, possibly alongside Vice President-elect Kamala Harris. Buttigieg emerged as a powerful attack dog for the Biden/Harris campaign, both thanks to his fundraising skills, as well as his knack for shutting down right-wing blowhards on Fox News with his lucid and cheerful arguments.