What’s Obama Gonna Do To Help Reduce HIV Rates Among Blacks And Latinos?

During his World AIDS Day address, President Barack Obama made sure to mention that HIV and AIDS continue to disproportionately affect black and Latino communities—something we’ve made sure to mention for a while now. He also mentioned the boatloads of cash he’s giving to HIV treatment centers that also serve those communities. Let’s take a look at the numbers.

He’s committing an additional $15 million for the Ryan White Program that supports care provided by HIV medical clinics across the country and an extra $35 million for state AIDS-drug assistance programs that help reduce the expensive cost of life-saving drugs to those thousands of HIV-positive people without medical insurance.

Reducing the viral load of currently infected people and educating them about transmission will ultimately play into Madame Secretary Hilary Clinton’s plan to reduce the number of new infections to zero.

The Chicago Black Men’s caucus has already come up with several causes for the high HIV rates among communities of color. But the real question: what else are we gonna do about it?