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What’s a queer film more groundbreaking than ‘Bros’? Gay Twitter™ has all the wrong answers

Screenshot: ‘Bros,’ Universal Pictures

By now you’ve heard sad news that Bros‘ opening weekend was a bit of a dud.

Despite positive reviews, Billy Eichner‘s big, gay, studio rom-com underperformed at the box office, and the writer/star says the straights are to blame. But the internet is full of armchair experts, and everyone seems to have their own theory as to why Bros failed to bring people (straight, or otherwise) to the theater.

One of the prevailing thoughts is that Bros just wasn’t marketed well. Some feel that the promotion and press neglected to showcase how gut-bustingly funny the movie was, and instead leaned too hard into how “important,” “historic,” and “groundbreaking” the movie was.

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It’s that latter point that’s turned Eichner’s comedy into a meme—albeit not in the way he would’ve wanted. It started this morning when Twitter use @weekend3warrior posted the following prompt to their thousands of followers:

It’s the kind of tweet that some are reading (and responding to) as if it were completely sincere. But, for a certain subsection of the internet, the prompt is a dog whistle to chime in with the funniest responses possible. The replies? Well, they’re a doozy. And largely NSFW.

Ah, yes—the classics! Any of these look familiar?

But not every response was an adult film. The trolls were out in full force to sing the praises of “groundbreaking” memes, sketches, and other features. At least, we think they’re trolling?

And, look, we’re not total cynics. If you scroll past all the screenshots of (seminal) gay adult films, there are actually some great recommendations in the replies, too! So, take notes, because there are some proper queer classics below that you’ve got to make sure you check out:

Bottom line is: Go support queer films! Even if Bros isn’t your cup of tea, there are plenty of other incredible LGBTQ stories out there.

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