What’s Scarier: Gay Marriage Or A Ground Zero Mosque? Let’s Combine Them Both!

How to tackle the prescient issues of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell and gay marriage while also trying to get an audience of millions to laugh not at homosexuals, but The Man keeping them down? Such a hard challenge for Saturday Night Live‘s writers, who killed it.

Scared of same-sex marriage? How about same-sex marriage at Ground Zero. Boo-yah!

Oh, and how about those gays trying to serve openly in the military? Gross, right? Risking their lives to be shipped off to Afghanistan just so they can grab a peak at the same unimpressive cocks now appearing at your local Olive Garden.

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  • UMB

    That’s the funniest thing SNL has done in a long time.

  • Mike


  • peteNsfo

    18 months service in Afghanistan

    People trying to kill me

    But I might get to see some guy’s weiner in the shower…

    ABSOLUTELY PERFECT! Humor always takes you further than argument- now if they could just send this to John McCain, et al.

  • stnemmoc

    @peteNsfo: “Humor always takes you further than argument”
    I’ve actually never heard that said before but it’s completely true. Most arguments in politics make little sense, create animosity between all involved, and frequently give me a head ache. But making a joke is almost always better given the right execution: it can get rid of head aches, can make everyone involved like you more, and can make an argument more effectively than actual arguing. It’s like political sex.

    Politics will be controlled by comedians because debates are becoming more and more absurd. It will happen and nothing can stop it!

  • Syly1212

    I wish you Fundies would get together and figure out who you hate the most – Gays or Muslims – and stop doing your own version of switch-hitting and AC/DC!

    When you guys have finally come to terms with it you guys need to go wait on the “Hilltop” for the end and leave the rest of us alone.

    “A Village cannot reorganize Village life to suit the Village Idiot. It’s as simple as that. And we have to understand we have a Village Idiot in this country – it’s called Fundelmentalist Christianity.” Frank Schaeffer

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