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What’s the Average Age, Sexuality of a David Archuleta Fan?

David Archuleta, the one-time American Idol star and accidental gay club goer, “wrote” a book called Chords of Strength, and he dropped into a Borders in New York to sign it. Local homosexuals Jym Benzing and Micah Johnson, who have more free time than you, invite you into the experience featuring “tweens, queens, and a few men from NAMBLA.”

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  • Queer

    Misleading. Everyone knows his true base is middle-aged house fraus.

  • Cam

    Has he come out of the closet yet or is he going to wait until he has a son with an artifically inseminated surrogate to come out?


    @Cam: Mega pingage on the ‘dar……..

  • Giovannidude

    Pants were kinda tight, no?

  • Joey O'H

    I think I heard his pants split when he sat down. He’s cute.

  • swarm

    @#1 “QUEER” I highly doubt you’re queer or regular poster here, because it’s not common for legit LGBT posters here to bash/name call middle aged women who are fans of Idol performers (except Cam who can’t seem to get over Aiken’s people). If you were any sort of legitimate LGBT person, you’d understand that middle aged women who promote gay men are the mothers, sisters, employers, employees, soccer coaches teachers and even wives of LGBT people and hold the key to LGBT equality voting and otherwise, for the future. Go back to VFTW.

  • ossurworld

    He can read and write?

  • Queer

    @swarm: Yeah, I’m a Worster. I’m also a gay man. Did you hear me bashing middle-aged house fraus? No. So, keep your drama to yourself, Lady Frauen.

    PS: I am a regular poster, and a regular reader. Argument? Moot.

  • Lizcivious

    Before I found out he was Mormon, I always referred to Archuleta as Priest Bait. Isn’t he legal now? Those “NAMBLA” members in the crowd can go after him without worry. The kid doesn’t age. He still looks 14. Could this be another Wayne Newton in the works?

  • BradSA

    All of the male idol contestants have a huge middle aged female following because that is who watches the show and votes for them. It doesn’t take a brain surgeon to figure that out.

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