What’s The Best Way To Bring Up Safe Sex? Davey Wavey Has Suggestions.

o-GAY-SEX-CONDOM-facebookThey certainly aren’t the sexiest things to discuss as you’re about to get up close and personal with someone new, but condoms should find a way into your precoital banter somehow or another.

For many guys, simply asking, “Hey do you have a condom?” does the trick — it’s direct, lets him know you’re on board to get down, and sends the message that safe sex is a priority for you. If he responds, “Uhh…no, but it’s cool,” then you know you have a problem.

Or, of course, you could try out one of these colorful tactics from Davey Wavey. Our personal favorite is, “You know what my grandmother always told me? If you cap your schlong, you’ll never go wrong.”

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