What’s Wrong/Oh-So-Right With This Locker Room Picture?


“Warning: this story features an image of a Premier League testicle.”

That’s the message placed atop The Mirror‘s (probably quite popular) story about Middlesbrough’s Adam Clayton, who quite literally let it all hang out during a celebratory photo session following a 2-1 win at Sunderland.

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Or, at least, Clayton let one testicle hang out. There’s no artful way to put it.

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So how did this happen? Well, The Mirror posits Clayton was trying to one-up Christiano Ronaldo’s popular photo following Real Madrid’s 2-1 win against Barcelona in April:


The way to one-up Ronaldo? Show one testicle to the world.

Wardrobe malfunction? Carefully orchestrated bid for  attention? Check out the uncensored pic HERE and decide for yourself.