When Can We Expect The Concept Album About JD Samson And Sia’s Break-Up?

Do you hear that? The unicorns weep throughout the planet as the news of lesbian superstar singer Sia and former LeTigre grrl-rocker J.D. Samson’s break up echoes throughout the land.

But what the hell? They broke up four months ago?!!

On June 12th, Sia tweeted, “A lot of you have been asking, yes, Mr. Boop and I broke up four months ago. We love each other and are still friends.”

Four months ago?? And here I thought I was their biggest fan—sad clown.

Oh well, Sia is about to embark on a tour for her latest album, We Are Born, so that’s going to ease the pain. Also easing our broken gay hearts is Samson’s latest album with her band, MEN.

But if anything, maybe the public can get at least get a tacky Runaways type movie out of their ended relationship. Or perhaps one new album a piece on the themes of loss and love? C’mon ladies… please? For your biggest fan?

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  • Adonis-of-Fire

    Sia can go fck herself
    since she became friends with Porktina Offkeylera she is dead to me

  • Cam


    I think thats a little too inside for many of us. What do you mean?

  • Adonis-of-Fire


    Sia produced several songs for Xtina, whom I dispise. Since then I threw my Sia album out the window.

  • w11

    Stay pressed Adonis-of-Fire. Sia doesn’t give a shit about you.

  • Cam


    So you took a CD that you liked and through it out just because she starting working with a producer who worked with somebody else you don’t like??

    If Amy Winehouse started hanging out with Justin Beiber’s producer I’m not going to toss out her CD. I don’t get it.

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