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When Evan Lysacek Hangs Out With His Buddies He ‘Gets a Little Crazy’

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It’s too bad Evan Lysacek and Johnny Weir have called a truce, because the ice queen would have a field day with his arch-nemesis declaring, “I’m lonely. I need a girlfriend.”

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  • Arkano18

    He needs a girl. Well, let’s check if there’s a lady willing to be his (beard) girl.

  • Cam

    Why? Does he need somebody to talk about boys with?

  • eyeroll

    Oh, barf! Can we set this guy up with Davey Wavey? That’s a train wreck I’d look forward to watching.

  • Taylor Siluwé

    Awh, Evan. Good luck with finding the right girl. If fluffy black women are your speed, I hear Queen Latifah has been looking for the right man for a long, LONG time.

    You might wanna call her; and ease all our misery.



  • Aaron

    @eyeroll: Best laugh I’ve had all day :)

  • Mike L.

    He needs a faghag basically.

  • TomEM

    Maybe his brother George knows someone?

  • fredo777

    Did any of you watch last night’s ep of Dancing With the Stars? During rehearsal for their “freestyle” routine, Evan’s partner (Anna) brought in some help to calm down a tense situation. They were trying to decide on choreo, but were butting heads. So, in comes…a cute twinkish dancer (Bobby, or Danny, something like that) + it was a funny little moment.

    It was like “Oh, Evan is all stressed out, let me bring in something that I know will make him feel better: a cute, young dude”. At least, that’s how it went in my head. ; }

  • Qjersey

    His lame declarations of being interested in women are getting tired. Yeah a girlfriend who lives in Canada.

  • Darling Nikki

    Are you telling me Yevgeny Plushenko and he are no longer dating? Bummer!

  • demonW

    That really doesn’t mean much. I mean, I have a girlfriend; his name’s Daniel lol


    Nice way to skate around the issue Evan Lyinsackofshit, it figures……….. :-p

  • CaliberGuy

    A Girl Friend sure umhum, I love his ability to describe what he is looking for, I mean I know I’m not perfect at describing what I want in a boyfriend but I can give more detail then Deals with a hectic schedule and “likes to hang out”. That’s the I said the right answer no oh shit they asked what I’m looking for in her question!

  • Patrick

    He just hasn’t found the right girl, one with a penis.

  • jake

    “did you hear that, Evan needs a girlfriend…”

    it’s almost like the reporter was taunting him.

  • jake

    haha i love he stumbled through the follow up question!

    you have to wonder if he’ll ever have a slip of the tongue one day. “HE has to be- i mean SHE…”

  • D'oh, The Magnificent

    I think he’s really cute. Too bad he’s a closet case. I would go for him.

  • LUCY

    come on evan ligth my fire I hope choose one,

  • LUCY

    evan needs gf? this is serious? oh my…. IT´S GONNA BE ME!!!

  • Jeremy

    Back me up on this, guys. But what is Evan’s first gay rumor?

  • jason

    Maybe he’s a bisexually oriented man who doesn’t want to express his same-sex side. Perhaps he feels that the gay male social scene is fraught with promiscuity and endless nothings, a cycle of sex clubs, drug use and soulless bars. I don’t blame him for perhaps thinking that way.

    By choosing to express himself only heterosexually, he may get a bit of productivity in his life. He may have children that will carry his genes forward.

  • David

    Evan Licks-a-chode looks like Kermit the frog.

  • Michael

    Maybe, just maybe, America is such a homophobic and bigoted country it drives most homosexuals into a closet so maybe, just maybe, we should lighten up on Evan. We all know he’s looking for a girlfriend named “Bob” but not everyone has enough balls to face the crap reality some Americans dish out to lesbians and, especially, gay men.

  • Aaron in Honolulu

    Heterosexual fail.

  • jason

    At the same time, I can understand why many gay people would be unhappy at Evan wanting a girlfriend. Society stigmatizes male-male expressions. It’s not a level playing field. Therefore, a man who is bisexually oriented may bias his expressions towards females.

  • Confused

    Can someone unconfuse me here. I’ve read the whole “episode” this quote is from and the line that precedes this is “I’m dating in LA”. So wtf? “I’m dating in LA. But I haven’t found the right girl yet”. He’s hanging out at speed-dating clubs and going home (ahem) empty-handed? Or he’s got a girlfriend in the closet somewhere (oh god that idea makes me laugh on so many levels)?


  • susie

    evan is dating nastia? what´s happened?

  • Confused

    Oooo no no no! Those two were never actually dating properly – and that’s from Evan’s mouth. Point is, even if he were dating (which doesn’t seem to be the case), this quote does not make ANY sense!! How can you be “dating in LA” and still “looking for the right girl”? What, is he shopping around and trying before buying??

    My oh my.

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