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When Gay British DJ David Mills Tried Discovering Uganda’s Wonderful Homophobia, He Got Hunted Down

Scott Mills, the gay Radio 1 host, trekked down to Uganda to film The World’s Worst Place To Be Gay?, a three-part documentary to see which country will win the prestigious award for being the most homophobic place on earth. Looking to capture the title in a landslide, Ugandan officials reportedly tried to hunt down and arrest Mills after telling David Bahati, the Kill The Gays proponent, about his sexuality.

Mills said that Bahati “went mental” and tried to arrest the filming crew, reports The Sun.

Mills said: “I’d heard horror stories about people getting arrested and roughed up and who knows what. I was scared. He ordered us to cut the cameras then brought a security guard.

“We ran off and he rang one of our guys saying, ‘Where are they staying? What are the registration plates? I want them arrested. They won’t get far.’ We lied that we were at the Sheraton and apparently he turned up there with armed police.”

In the above video, a Ugandan witch doctor works some magic to turn Mills straight. But if being targeted by Ugandan officials intent on terrorizing you won’t make you straight, nothing will.

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  • Fagburn

    Why have you called Scott Mills “David Mills” in your headline?

  • Chadiva

    Memo to white gay men: you are not welcome everywhere you go. So don’t be surprised if an anti-Western, anti-gay country doesn’t welcome you with open arms. What did Mills think was going to happen? And what’s the purpose of his efforts to find the most homophobic place on earth? Silly fool.

  • Cam

    @Chadiva: said…”
    And what’s the purpose of his efforts to find the most homophobic place on earth? Silly fool.”

    Similar reasons to why femaile reporters go to places like Saudi Arabia and Afghanistan to expose their treatment of women.

  • Xtian99

    um yeah…. so does anyone take african seriously anyway?

  • Orangegoblin82

    He manages to get footage of a preacher from Atlanta stirring the anti gay rhetoric up.

    I thought US evangelicals had denied all knowledge.

  • TikiHead

    @Chadiva: “Memo to white gay men: you are not welcome everywhere you go.”

    So a black gay man would be welcome in Uganda? Really? Facts speak otherwise.

  • Dave

    Please get Scott’s name right because he did a fucking brave thing.

  • Right Wingers Are Socioptahs (John From England)



  • Right Wingers Are Socioptahs (John From England)


    Yep. David Mills? Eh?

  • tomw

    @Xtian99, what the hell was your message supposed to say? Syntax is obviously not your strong suit.

  • canuckle

    @Cam: why go to Uganda to make this documentary?
    There has to be widespread awareness of the evils perpetrated in these countries – just like Jamaica shouldn’t have the western tourists flocking there in the numbers they dc – the notion that it is okay that they are culturally retarded when it comes to how they treat gay and lesbian citizens is unacceptable and people should know what they are undertaking when they support these regimes with their tourist dollars

  • tallskin2

    Canuckle, we like to see exactly what our enemies are thinking (if thinking be the right word)

    I don’t think Uganda has much of a tourist economy. In fact most of the traffic is the other way from Uganda to Europe and the West, on one way tickets- then they disappear.

    Docs such as this are good in that it brings to a wider audience just what homophobic shitholes these places are. And hopefully it will make us here in the West complain about our tax money being given to these people as aid. Let the fuckers starve.

    And before anyone has a go at me and says: You can’t blame the ordinary ugandans. Well, yes you can. Public opinion in Uganda is hysterically anti-gay. A BBC newsnight team did a Vox Pop on the streets of the capital and all the average ugandans were saying gays should be put to death.

    So, fuck them. Stop our aid money going to them now

  • tomw

    @tallskin2 Uganda has a robust tourist industry based on its giant nature reserves and wildlife. Also, let’s not forget that those African countries with antigay legislation on the books only have such legislation because of the British. The roots of homophobia in Africa (and Jamaica for that matter) lie in Colonialism.

  • Chugalug25

    TomW : Then maybe we in the western world should take them over again and re-colonize them, tell them how to think, if their minds are that easily manipulated.

  • Master John

    Thats 100s of years of brainwashing and colonizing, of coarse they were easily manipulated. Anyway, lets not single out the African countries because gays it treated like crap in Russia, and Eastern Euro countries. And Chadiva you just sound dumb, any gay will be killed in Uganda regardless of color.

  • Oli

    @Chadiva: go fuck yourself.

  • Mykey

    it’s scenes like this that make me ashamed of being african! we really need to wake up from our superstitious slumber…

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