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  • Alacer

    Wow. Great topic. Cornell is a great example of a place that is very tolerant and inclusive. At the same time, you’ll go to a frat party and see tons of couples dancing and making out but the moment you do it too, people start to freak out : ) Haha maybe it’s the frat mentality that isn’t always so tolerant.

  • bigjake75

    Search the laws of the states and ordinances of the cities the schools are in. If the laws reflect respect for gays and lesbians, that means the greater part of the populace does too.

  • rogue dandelion

    gay-friend college?
    wtf is that?
    berkeley is pretty gay, come here!

  • Ryan

    I think you’ll find that far more colleges are gay-friendly than not. Now, there may be some that are especially friendly, but few are truly intolerant — and most of them are the obvious, fringe-right whacko schools out there. Will every person on the campus be particularly gay friendly? Not even at Berkley or Cornell (the examples listed here). My advice for *anyone* thinking about where to go to college is to go wherever is most affordable that you think you can be happy and do well at. So, first look at what schools give you big dollars for scholarships, then look at state schools – and those options are by no means mutually exclusive.

    I went to state school – thank god – despite getting into some pretty pricey places, because no matter how freaking badly I wanted to go to GW, I knew being $150k in debt would be a *bad* idea. Instead, I went to UMASS — and I still have $45k in loans!! For those who aren’t math whizzes out there and are planning to go to college soon, that’s $550 a month I’m paying just for going to a state school. In other words, it’s a second rent check. 16, 17 and 18 year olds don’t realize how much money that is, but you will when you’re 22 or 23 and getting out of school and it WILL keep you up late some nights… but at least it’s not $100-150k. I’d be financially ruined right now if I did actually go to one of the expensive schools I got accepted into, living with my parents till I was 30. LOL.

  • Jonathan

    I’m heading to school next year, and when I was looking for a school, I figured I might as well just pick a pretty gay city instead of worrying about the school itself– U of Toronto, holla!

  • jake

    don’t go to USC
    conservative school

  • Aaron J.

    GaTech is…not that gay. But is in Midtown Atlanta.

  • Shay

    Ah! This is what im doing soon, i graduate this May and im looking at colleges to go to. Im kinda scared but i cant wait to get to all them boys, ive seen them around and they are hoooootttt as hell. Cant wait.

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